EPIC Genius

Spend a private day with me in the beautiful mountains of Virginia (or online) and together we’ll find your EPIC Genius and the gold in your business.

Sparking your EPIC Genius in business changes everything.

You’ll go from playing your B game to playing your A game.

You’ll go from doing good, or maybe even great work, to doing work that is pure genius. Your own!

You’ll go from feeling stuck, confused, restless to being clear, focused, and excited.

You’ll go from feeling invisible, small, and stuck to feeling powerful, completely aligned, and on fire for your business…and your life!

If you’re a purpose driven entrepreneur with big dreams, there is no way to separate your business from your life. And you wouldn’t want to, even if you could. Your work is an extension of your soul.

And that’s also exactly why it’s so painful when you aren’t aligned to your true purpose and contributing your EPIC Genius to the world in your offerings, in your business. Not only is it critical to your bottom line, it’s critical to your wellness, and critical to your soul.

My clients are:
:: Smart, Complex, Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs.
:: Creatives, Healers, Coaches, Leaders.

:: Dreamers, Innovators, and Visionaries.

But here’s where they get off course:
They’re incredibly smart (brilliant really). And complex. Few people really get them or what they are up to. They have so many ideas…EXCELLENT ideas, but often get lost in them.

They are so close to their own greatness, it’s easy to underestimate or doubt their own genius.

They march to a different drum. They kind of don’t really fit anywhere. And that’s because they are meant to STAND OUT.

They are so close. They feel it. But something is off. And it’s driving them crazy.

They often think about scraping their entire business and just starting over.

They have a list of shoulds and ways to make money, but they just can’t get fully behind them.

They are tired of starting and stopping.  Tired of well-meaning advice from great coaches that just doesn’t fit.

They know somethings gotta give. There is no way to they can sustain their current level of business.

Is This YOU?

If so, I have some great news.

I want you to know this. EVERYTHING you have done has brought you to this very point. It’s not time to throw it all away or to start over. It’s time to go deeper. It’s time to discover your EPIC Genius.

When you understand your  EPIC Genius you’ll come alive. It’ll click. You get goosebumps. You might cry. You’ll certainly sigh a huge sigh of relief.

It’ll feel like the world has righted itself.

You’ll be able to move forward with 100% conviction that what you are creating is the fullest expression of your genius.

You’ll become on fire with creating a body of work with the deepest purpose and highest profit.

Are you on fire with your EPIC Genius?

If not, let’s spark it and bring it to life in its full potential so you can see the genius in you and the gold in your business. It’s there. Let’s find it!

Here are what some clients have said.


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As soon as I receive your EPIC Genius 360, I’ll be in touch to schedule our in person or virtual day.




If you have questions prior to enrolling, please contact me at Hollie@WellnessSpark.com. Other wise, let’s do this!







Hollie Flynn, Author

Intuitive Guide + Life Strategist

One of my strongest gifts is that I can easily see the grand vision and highest potential, especially in people. I’m both a visionary AND a strategist. It’s a pretty powerful and effective combo.

I’m extremely curious, intuitive, and I use keen insights and powerful questions to help you uncover YOU.  Your life has clues. You have all the answers within you. My part is to ask the right questions, the life-changing questions that will guide you to those answers. Those answers reflect your true essence + higher purpose.

I’ll be like a detective on your case for EPIC.

You have completed many life circles (I call them dots). When we connect those dots it is like weaving together a beautiful tapestry that is a master blueprint to your life’s purpose. This is especially powerful as it pertains to right livelihood.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 17 years repeatedly turning my passions and purpose as they evolve into successful businesses, but most importantly I’ve used my passions to design a life I love. I’m a published (& proud!) author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess: How to Go from Surviving to Thriving. I’m also a certified Holistic Wellness Coach with 20+ years researching and studying the principles of positive psychology, personal development, life purpose, success mindset, Universal law, holistic life and business design, high performance and optimal wellness.

My philosophy is that we are each artist of our own masterpieces and courageous adventurers on our path to our most aligned, alive, and sacred lives. This is a journey worth going on. This is THE adventure of a lifetime!

I’d love to be your guide.