Spark Something That Matters: 30 Days to EPIC

spark_fb_bannerSpark Something That Matters:  30 Days to EPIC  (1:1 private mentorship)

 30 Days | 1 Goal |Your Unlimited Potential

1 Powerful Goal Accomplished Can Kick Start a Full On Life Transformation.

:: What EPIC goal would you set if you knew you could not fail?
:: What pure awesomeness would happen in your life if you accomplished that goal?
:: How would you feel?

Goals are powerful. They have energy and direction. They are focused. They create momentum. They open doors. They create excitement and an aliveness. They build confidence, belief in self, and great character.

The right goal, at the right time can be life changing.

AND… EPIC goals are easier to hit than you think and IT’S NOT TOO LATE.

Especially, when you realize this: THIS IS YOUR LIFE. The ultimate goal is happiness. That is success. Living in a way that is deeply meaningful to you is what life is about. And that my friend can look any damn way you want it to.

Pick a goal that sets your heart on fire!

It’s time to go after something you’ve always wanted. Something that you’ve dreamed of. Something that seems too good to be true. Something that makes you scared and completely excited at the same time. Something that when you accomplish it you will feel free, fulfilled, and so incredibly proud.

It’s Time To Spark Something That Matters.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do?

:: Travel to Europe, New Zealand, or some exotic location?
:: Compete in a certain race or physical challenge?
:: Write a book?
:: Start Your Own Business?
:: Find love. Truly the right one!
:: Quite your job.
:: Live on an Island
:: Lose weight.
:: Get in the best shape of your life.
:: Find your purpose.
:: Paint, sculpt, write, sing, craft, design, record, publish, build, enroll, compete?

What’s Your 1 thing?

:: What do you desire? If you had to pick 1 thing to jump start your life what would it be?
:: What would be totally exciting to you, if you could actually pull it off?
:: What have you been talking about for years?
:: What would be a miracle in your life right now?

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The time to go for it is now. Spark Something That Matters.

Do you want more?  Do you have this deep knowing you should be up to more?

Have you  used excuses like any of these:

:: You’re too old.
:: You’re too young.
:: You don’t have the right creds.
:: You need more time.
:: You need more training.
:: You have kids.
:: You have to be “responsible”.
:: You need to lose the weight first.
:: You’ll do it later.
:: You need more money.
:: You want permission.
:: Who does this kind of thing??? I couldn’t possibly…. Could I?
::  You need more knowledge, more info.

Or worse…you know all the answers, you know what you should do, but you just aren’t doing anything…
Anything that really matters to you that is.

And…Life is passing you by. “One day” keeps getting farther and farther away.

It’s Time To Spark Something That Matters

:: It’s time to stop talking and start doing.
:: It’s time to feel fear and do it anyway.
:: It’s time to stop waiting for a better time that really won’t come.
:: It’s time to to DECIDE, to CLAIM, to COMMIT to what you really want!
:: It’s time to live your most extraordinary life.

What would you do IF ONLY…?

IF ONLY is right NOW. You just have to choose it.  The perfect circumstances, the right timing, the sure thing doesn’t exist.

:: Stop kidding yourself.
:: Stop making excuses.

Spark Something That Matters:  What’s YOUR 1 THING?

:: What is 1 thing you’d absolutely love to do?
:: What’s that 1 thing that you’d LOVE to create?
:: What’s that 1 trip you’ve been dreaming about for so long?
:: What would be a miracle in your life right now?
:: What is the one thing you could do, accomplish or become that would change your life more than any other?

Spark Something That Matters:  30 Days TO EPIC begins:  March 2, 2015

I’m here to help you kick ass, including your own. I’m here to inspire, to motivate, to hold you accountable to the greatness inside of you.

I’m here to light the way, to show you  how I’ve accomplished some pretty cool, off-the charts EPIC goals in my life time and time again. I’ve got your back. I’ll illuminate the path so you can move full throttle ahead with your EPIC goal, your EPIC life.

But make no mistake…this goal is yours, this journey is yours.  YOU must do the work.  All things worthwhile require digging deep, personal growth, and busting limits (your own!), and ACTION.

But know this: You can do it. You are stronger than you know.

The time is now. Spark Something That Matters.

Am I the right Mentor for you?  I can tell you wholeheartedly I am not for everyone. I’m extremely curious, intuitive and use keen insights and powerful questions to help you uncover YOU.  I’ll be like a detective on your case for EPIC.  I’m  unconventional in how I think and live. I cut to the chase. I’m strategic. I like action. I like results.  And I like them rather quickly.

I’ve built, created, and done some pretty EPIC shit-zu.  From opening several successful businesses, to creating a million in assets by age 30, to running ultras (32 miles), to riding 104 miles on bike, to racing 36 hours straight, to publishing a books  I’m driven, on purpose, multi-passionate, and believe in living life full out.

No apologies. No regrets.

I’ve spent 20+ years studying and researching the principles of positive psychology, personal development, success mindset, Universal law, holistic life and business design, high performance and optimal wellness.

Wow! When all this is merged together….life changing.

 How This Works:

This is 1:1 private work with me. I will be your personal guide + partner in crime as we adventure together toward your big soul goal.

We’ll jumpstart our time together with a 90 minute intensive (via phone). You’ll tell me your goal or if you’re not sure what it should be, I’ll help you identify the most powerful one for you right now. We’ll make sure it is aligned with who you ARE and what you most desire.

From that point forward you’ll have 1 weekly 60 minute phone call with me and unlimited email support.
You’ll get to pick my brain for 30 days straight. You’ll need to be prepared for 30 days of Extraordinary, Passionate, Inspiring, and Completely aligned action. EXCITING!

Things you should know:

:: This is the first time I’ve done anything like this. I may not do it again. Or if I do it’ll most likely be a group program with little to no 1:1 private work with me.

:: Due to the depth I’ll be working with each person, I’ll only be able to work with 5 (maybe 6) folks for this program.

:: Your investment is $900.

:: This is not for everyone. This goal will need to be your priority for 30 days. You must be able to devote a min. of 1 hour a day to consistent action.

:: This is a non-refundable program. Make sure you are sure!

:: Understand “life will happen” — be prepared to stick to your goal anyway.

:: 30 Days of focused intention, attention, and action will rock your world (in a good way!).

Fast Action BONUS (’cause I love action takers!):
The first 2 folks who enroll, get one additional free month of mentoring with me.

Choose your EPIC goal and Spark Something That Matters!  The time is now!

Spark Something That Matters!

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I was fortunate enough to “meet” Hollie online in the summer of 2012, After just a few emails of telling Hollie about my business and products, what my passions are, and some future product ideas that I had, she was able to distill all of that into one nice little business idea that involved my true passions and had the best money making potential. In fact, this new brand that Hollie helped me start is on it’s way to grossing 6 figures in just 12 months. Hollie is amazing at helping you find your strengths and passions and turning them into a profitable business which in turn, allows you more freedom to do what you love! If you get a chance to work with Hollie, don’t think twice about it, just do it!”

– Scott Colby – Creator,

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Alright, let the EPIC adventures begin!

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