Luminous Liberation

Luminous Liberation

Luminous Liberation: 21 Days to Spark YOU!
December 1-21.

Imagine…waking up on December 22 feeling rested. Not just rested…but light & happy. And…wait, what’s this…energy and spunk.  Holy Cow…what if you woke up feeling RADIANT?  What a gift, right? Not just to you, but to your kids, your partner. To The WORLD.


And…It’s ABSOLUTELY Possible.

 This is for you if:

:: you’ve gained a few pounds and ALREADY feel that holiday heaviness setting in
:: you have a sense of dread or overwhelm about the holiday season instead of lightness and love
:: you want to simplify the holidays but don’t know how you possibly could
:: you want more richness, peace, and beauty in life
:: you are fiercely determined to take control of your well-being and happiness NOW
:: you would be so excited to walk into that New Year’s party rockin’ it!
:: you refuse to give up more of YOU…your rest, your health, your Spark!
:: you truly get how being the BEST YOU is the very best gift you could ever give your kids, your partner, your work, and the world.

It’s time to stop the holiday madness that
isn’t working, especially for women.

It’s time to get Liberated!

Get ready to…
:: move your body every day! (no gym required)
:: know exactly what you should be eating and what you shouldn’t be
:: learn how to savor, celebrate, and navigate food + parties
:: declutter your brain and home (it’s easier than you think!)
:: get crystal clear on what matters to you
:: shop in a delighted way
:: say no to the wrong things, and yes to the right ones
:: give yourself 3 gifts (no money needed)
:: give a gift to someone who’d never expect it
:: engage in 3 power practices that will have you feeling sexy, beautiful, and full of SPARK!


How this works:
1. As soon as you enroll below, you’ll receive a Welcome email and a SPARK Questionnaire so I can get to know you and understand how I can inspire and celebrate you the most!
2. You’ll be invited to our FB group where you’ll meet and be supported by other awesome women who are claiming Liberation!
3. You’ll receive the Luminous Liberation Guidebook and action steps on Tuesday, December 1.
4. I’ll be in the FB teaching, sharing, and mentoring daily M-F, Dec. 1-21st.

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I was fortunate enough to “meet” Hollie
I was fortunate enough to “meet” Hollie(1)

I was fortunate enough to “meet” Hollie(2)
I was fortunate enough to “meet” Hollie(3)

Hollie Flynn, AuthorHollie Flynn is a Wellness and Lifestyle Expert, Author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess, and Founder & CEO of Wellness Spark, Inc, a personal development & life strategy company. Hollie has been an entrepreneur since 1998 when she opened up 3 Fitness & Weight Loss Centers at the age of 26. She is a certified holistic health coach, an avid mountain biker and trail runner. And is passionate about fixing food that is crazy nutritious and even more delicious. She loves kale and Bourbon equally, and is passionate about helping others achieve EPIC wellness, EPIC Living, and EPIC happiness.  Have questions? Email me at Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook.