Vacations Don’t Fire Me UP. This Does!

Adventure Summer 2014

I’m a little fired up. I just finished creating my “2014 Summer Adventure List” — Everybody does this right?

And in just a few hours I’m heading out on a 120 mile bike excursion. Staying overnight in a little town I love, eating great food, drinking great drinks, and enjoying gorgeous scenery via the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

Biggest challenge (besides my longest bike this year being 30 miles!) is fitting my sundress and shoes in my pack! I’m determined to bike like crazy and look great at dinner!

I admit, I always get a little agitated this time of year with the question: Are you going on vacation?

Who wants to vacate? I just want to adventure on! I don’t want to rest or slow down (OK, sometimes I really do), but mostly I want to LIVE…full out… everyday…then rest.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against vacations. What I’m against is people living for vacations, instead of creating a life they love every single day.

I dream of a world where folks don’t need or want a respite from their “real” lives. I wish the questions that were more often asked were these:

:: What exciting thing are you up to next?
:: What is lighting up your soul these days?
:: Tell me what you love most about this season or most about your life?

Now, those questions stump the majority of people. Try them out. Or answer one yourself and comment below! I’d love it.

Summer, for me, has always been a time to amp things up, to adventure even more, and it also has often been a time of some pretty significant life transitions and transformations.

I get an extra hit of energy and inspiration this time of year. Maybe it’s the sun, the playing in the water, and the running and biking without freezing my tush off that does it. Whatever it is I get bit by it every year…the doing, creating, and experiencing some EPIC shit-zu!

(oops,I have some Aussies and New Zealanders here (very cool!). Let’s just say any season is a good time for EPIC shit-zu?)

Really, it’s about feeling the START of something new. The new possibilities…the hopes…the desires…the unknown… the adventure.

So, just by some crazy chance you haven’t created your EPIC Adventure List yet, let’s talk about what you might want to include. And, if you already have a list going, this might inspire you to expand it a bit.

Really, the essence of this list is this: What would you like to experience in the next 8-12 weeks that would just be awesome?

Definitely include any race, fitness, outdoor adventure, and travel goals/dreams. But also think about other challenges, experiences, and growth opportunities you could throw in. Your life, all of it, is your greatest adventure. And dig deep…stretch…want would be really awesome and a bit challenging to pull off?


1. Do you not just want to run, do you want to set a PR?  Go for it!
2. Do you not just want to race, you want a podium finish? Go for it!
3. Do you not just want to bike, you want to bike in France? (OK that’s me!) Go for it (Hollie!)!
4. Do you not just want to work out, do you want to get super fit and strong? Go for it!
5. Do you want to pick out 5 new destinations to explore and adventure in? List ‘em.

Side note: Do you know how many cool towns + cities there are probably in just a few hour radius of where you live? See how many you can knock out this summer. I’m telling you multiple 3 day active adventures in cool places are crazy fantastic.

6. Want to leave your job? Then plan your escape!
7. List 5 restaurants, breweries, distilleries, wineries you’ve been meaning to visit but haven’t yet. Visit them!
8. List 5 books you want to read. Read em’.
9. Is there a cool class you want to take? Sign Up!
10. Want to get married? August is a great month! Set the date. Plan it. Do it.

Go for it! Life is short. Live your adventure(s).

Write This Baby Out.

I’m not a “must or should” kind of girl so you know this is a serious recommendation when I say YOU MUST WRITE THIS OUT. Writing out what you want is CRITICAL. Trust me on that. Grab your journal or some paper, and pen and jot down things off the top of your head.

Maybe you have partner you want to adventure with — take your notebook and pen and over drinks have fun planning all the badass things you are going to do over the next 8-12 weeks.

Then when your messy list is pretty complete, go type it up. Print out at least one copy.
You will be amazed at how much stuff will come across your radar screen to provide you with opportunities to live your list out. You’ll also be amazed how if you never look at this list again, how much you will have accomplished by September.

And if you are a super purpose driven, badass adventurer you will refer back to your list often and make sure you are on course living your adventures, your most EPIC life!

But anyway you choose to handle your list after it is completed is truly OK. You’ll be engaging in something that about 97% of the world wouldn’t bother with.

Main thing: Spark It (dream/imagine it), Create it (write/print it),  Live it (full out + on your terms)!

Feel free to share a comment below…How are you Adventuring this summer/season?  Besides this making me feel warm and fuzzy (and it does!), it can be super inspiring to others. Put it out there, you never know who you might inspire and touch. And, that’s a pretty cool thing.

I’m counting on you to help me Spark a Summer of EPIC!  Because the world could use a little more extraordinary adventuring!



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