The Female Foundation


The Female Foundation :: 90 Day Breakthrough to Happiness, Health, Purpose, and Power.

This a 90 Day 1×1 Private Mentorship to build a strong foundation and a life you love.

:: Are you happy?  3 words. Sounds innocent. But it’s not. How many times do you allow yourself not the luxury, but the guts to ask yourself this question, the guts to answer it?

:: Are you healthy?  I’m not talking kind of. Or for your age. I’m talking: Are you energetic? Do you feel a radiant vitality. A spark coursing through your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical veins?

:: Are you living your purpose?  Your purpose is the essence of you. It is your essential and foundational WHY.  Life without purpose feels restless, empty, boring, frustrating and sad. 

:: Are you powerful? Power is independence, freedom, confidence. Power is knowing yourself. Trusting yourself. It is creating and directing your own life on your terms.

No? Kind of?  Could be better?

I understand.