SPARK :: Private 1:1 Coaching


What if you could tap into more energy, zest for life, and an inner GUIDANCE to the direction you should be going in life at this time?

What is SPARK?
At the deepest level, it’s your connection to source. It’s your soul. Your essence. It is your divinely downloaded desires. It is your life force, your guidance system. It is the WHO that you really are.

Your SPARK is your deep wisdom and center of power. It’s the place that holds your passion, purpose, and deepest desires. Your SPARK is what gives you energy, inspiration, and keen insights into your life plan.

It is essentially the best guidance system you’ll ever have. Your Inner Spark is your GPS.

The problem is…most of us don’t have it turned on. Or at best it’s pretty dim.

What can dim your SPARK?

:: Bitterness.

:: Lack of Sleep.

:: Alcohol.

:: Certain Foods.

:: Trauma.

:: Lack of movement, fitness.

:: People. Especially narcissistic relationships.

:: Being too connected to phones, computers.

:: News.TV. Social Media.

:: Overload…to dos, stuff, info, clutter.

:: Repetitive thoughts.

:: Not being seen or heard.

:: Chronic Stress.

:: Death of a loved one(s) (including pets).

:: Staying Yes to the wrong things.

:: Work you do not enjoy.


:: Not engaging in what you are passionate about.

:: Playing small. Hiding. Retreating.

:: Programming. Societal norms. Expectations.

Holy heck, that is a powerful list of the influences that most of us are dealing with. However, no one is really talking about them.  Instead work-life balance is touted as the answer. Or we think, if we had more discipline, more will power, if we could just get organized…then we could get a handle. NO. NO. and NO.

We need a different perspective and process to ground us to what really matters. Your SPARK holds the key. It needs to be clear, connected, and BRIGHT.

Has your SPARK been dimmed? Are you disconnected?

This is what it can feel like when you are removed from your SPARK:

At best: Mediocre. Bored. Restless. Dull. Heavy.

At worst: Exhaustion. Irritation. Resentment. Anger. Rage. Depression. Jealously. Less than. Fearful. Not enough. Lost.

When you are connected what it feels like:

Inspired. Grateful. Full of Love. Accepting of self (and others). Excited. Driven. Playful. Energetic. On Purpose. Courageous. Calm. Strong. Grounded. Beautiful. Radiant. LIKE YOU. Brilliance. Impact. A Knowing.

SPARK is an 8 week private 1:1 coaching experience designed to completely transform your life by connecting you with your energy, your purpose, your wisdom & guidance…your SPARK. 

 The following are the 5 paths we will walk together throughout your 8 week journey.


Tap into your purpose and a vision that pulls you forward. This is your WHY.
:: You’ll learn the difference between your big vision, your ideal day, and your perfect day. All are important and although they are often used interchangeably they are very different. Knowing the difference will make all the difference.
::  You’ll learn to drop the “shoulds” and programming and get clear on your true desires, goals, and dreams.
:: You’ll get quiet. You’ll get honest. You’ll get brave.

Path 2 ::  Power Practices

You’ll learn to incorporate 3 power practices that will have you in a state of joy, clarity, creation, power and fulfillment NOW. These practices will change your life. You can do them in 15 minutes a day.

They also serve to get you into the alignment and vibration with your Vision and to facilitate feeling good right away, not some distant time in the future.

Path 3.  Clear the Clutter

You’ll learn how to identify and remove the obstacles and drains from your life. EVERYTHING is energy. Well look at things like (and many more that you may not even be aware of): number of emails in your inbox, appointments, people, physical clutter, social media, information overload.  We have become a society weighted down by TOO MUCH.  You’ll discover and eliminate 5 of your biggest areas of “clutter” and energy drains.

Path 4 :: Nourish your body with movement + nutrition.

Nutrition: We are going to bust some myths. There is no need for confusion, overwhelm, or counting calories (ugh!). You’ll learn the one thing that will determine 80% of your success in achieving a strong, lean, energetic body. You’ll learn the deal breaker — if you aren’t willing to do this….you’ll learn what other 2 things you’ll need to do. And the 6 nutrition laws that actually do matter.

Movement:  It matters. But you’ll learn how to do it in  4 minutes, 10 minutes if that is what you desire. Want more? Perfectly OK. You’ll learn how to pick movement and fitness that aligns with your spirit and let the rest go once and for all.

We can’t live radiant lives in a bodies that are sluggish, heavy, foggy, tired.

Path 5 :: Pleasure

You’ll learn the simple pleasures of your life. These are often overlooked gems that are simple to bring into life. You will learn how to craft and create “perfect storm of pleasure days” as the norm not the exception. 

This is a pilgrimage of sorts. A journey back to your spirit. Some things will be easy. You’ll be amazed at how simple and fast you can brighten your SPARK. You’ll feel the difference. You’ll get clear on many things that don’t need to be in your life. You will feel relieved and light. You will learn to assess and filter what enters into your energetic space without guilt, worry, or indecision.

Some things will be hard. You’ll dig deep. You’ll wonder how you’ll let go of some things. You’ll walk with the discomfort of living in the VOID. This is where one chapter of living has ended, but the new one hasn’t been written yet. You realize olds ways of being no longer work, but you aren’t sure of what the new way looks like. You’ll learn to be uncomfortable. You’ll learn that you do want give effort to your journey. You’ll learn to look at “bad” feelings and challenges with a sense of reverence and as your initiation to keep walking your path with a bit of grit and a lot of grace.

You’ll begin to develop more courage, love of self, trust in self, and deep joy in the journey back to SPARK.

If this program speaks to you, chances are you are experiencing some heavy feelings and that is perfectly OK. I do not want perfect or pretend happiness. I want the raw, real version of what life is like for you. That being said there are basic qualities that will allow a good fit for this work and for you and I.

Before you enroll, make sure you have the following qualities.

:: Willing to take action

:: Positive (Even if things are rough currently and you are feeling bad, you still lean toward believing in what IS possible.)

:: Open-minded

:: Willing to do the work

:: Kind

:: Willing to commit to 30 min -1 hour a day to your goals and dreams.

:: Willing to read new material and devote a min of 10 mins to a morning practice.

:: Can stay committed to the process even when it’s challenging or you can’t see how it’s all coming together.

:: the capacity to be honest

I consider this a scared partnership. While the work is deeply personal and transformational, I want the spirit of the work to feel like: Inspiration. Love. Light. My goal is for you to feel fully supported so you can relax into reconnecting with your spirit, vitality, and purpose. Everything you need to heal, to transform, to reinvent, to move forward into vibrancy, richness, purpose and love is inside of you. My role is to guide you back to that place, and to support you in releasing all that doesn’t belong in your life, in your body, in your mind, in your spirit so you see, feel, and live ONLY those things that do.

Your Coaching Package includes:
8, 60 minute sessions
Invitation to text and email me during my weekly office hours.
Lessons/teachings on the 5 pathways delivered to your inbox weekly.

You Invest: 

Have questions? Email me at

Ready to enroll?  Click HERE or the enrollment button below and you’ll be directed to the payment and enrollment form. After that, I will be in your inbox within 24-48 hours with pre-work and the scheduling of our time together.





What Others Are Saying::

I sang your praises tonight to three women, plus two women yesterday! I hope you realize what a gift you have. Thank you so much for the kick in the ass I needed to get things back on track. I hope you do this again because I have friends that desperately want exactly the medicine you prescribe!

JESSICA JONES SCARFE | Anesthesiologist & Adventurer

When people asked me what inspired me to start my health coaching business, I tell them that I’ve wanted to do it for years, but let fear hold me back.  Then I tell them I hired Hollie Flynn and she basically said “Just get off your A$$ and do something. ” (Slight paraphrase). I say that in truth and jest. I  am sure I would still be in the same spot had I not met Hollie.

Hollie did this for me but that was JUST THE BEGINNING.  She taught me that my own limiting beliefs were the only thing getting in my way. Her coaching method and tools have shaped the way I coach my clients.  When I met her, I was miserable and STUCK in a corporate job that I’d been doing for 16 years.  I didn’t believe there was any way out.  She never “told” me what to do…she just coached me through it and let me figure it out. (one of my favorite Holli-isms is “I could be wrong…but I’m sensing that you…”  Guess what..she was NEVER wrong.)  When we started she said “you may quit your job, you may not.”  It turned out that I gained the confidence and guts to quit BEFORE our coaching session even ended!

Her intuitive nature along with her savvy business sense was the perfect mix for me.  Yes, I needed some factual business lessons (still do and always will) but Hollie provided guidance beyond measure.  She honestly listened to what my soul was craving and then helped me develop not only my brand, but also my EPIC life around MY authentic nature.  I am so thankful that I met Hollie along the way in my journey.  She is truly a life changer!

Nicole Pardon|

“Ever since I was old enough to work, I’ve felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied with every job I’ve ever had. I knew I wanted something different but I just didn’t know what it was. After working with Hollie for just a few sessions, I had not just 1 but 2 aligned business goals and paths to take in life. I already feel more fulfilled just beginning down the path I am on than I ever have! Thanks Hollie!”

Frank Georgetti, 29 yr old Aspiring Entrepreneur

After just a few emails of telling Hollie about my business and products, what my passions are, and some future product ideas that I had, she was able to distill all of that into one nice little business idea that involved my true passions and had the best money making potential. In fact, this new brand that Hollie helped me start is on its way to grossing 6 figures in just 12 months. Hollie is amazing at helping you find your strengths and passions and turning them into a profitable business which in turn, allows you more freedom to do what you love! If you get a chance to work with Hollie, don’t think twice about it, just do it!


The return on my investment in working with Hollie was well worth its weight in gold, and the nuggets that I was able to immediately integrate in my life were essential, both personally and professionally. Hollie listens intuitively, she hears beyond the words, and comprehends vision on a deeper level. As a visionary herself, she could simplify and re-frame it for me and serve it up on a silver platter, challenging me with practical goals made of smaller, attainable steps. She diffused any anxieties I might have had and fully pushed me further into my next amazing chapter – all with a smile on her face!

LINDSAY HUGHES MCKINNON | Qoya Queen & Owner, Back Creek Massage & Bodywork

OMG, Hollie is one of the most AMAZING people I was blessed to come across! After just one brief written interaction with her, she was able to distill my EPIC and my brilliance (and we all have at least one!!) immediately! I was blown away. As soon as I read her comment and interpretation of what my genius is, I felt like things fell into place!! After years of searching! Yes, I’m using this many exclamation marks because I’m so excited to continue working with Hollie.

She’s a blessing for me and for anyone who wants to quickly (like, super rapido style) find their zone of genius and put into words! I felt deep inside there is something EPIC sleeping (and snoring) but I couldn’t find words for it. Hollie did that part like a magician – pulled it out and said TADAAA. What it meant for me was that with Hollie’s help I was able to quickly shape up my offerings and services, as well as my audience.

She is pure gold and I would recommend her without any hesitation. You really don’t want to wait another day to work with her. Hire her today! (and thank me for recommending her later 😉

JANA B. | Online Marketing Manager


Thank you for all of your support and wisdom during this 4journey. You were able to articulate my feelings better than I and make me dig deeper into the barriers. You also offered the exact encouragement I needed to hear. I have worked with executive coaches and a career coach informally years ago. You are the best, by far!

KIM | Senior VP


When I first met Hollie the universe had just handed me a gift of an opportunity. I had already made up my mind – or rather, my gut had already made up my mind – I was doing it! But at the time there were very few around me who could understand my Why. Not Hollie though. She had the intuitive foresight and keen observational power to see ME. And because she took the time to see Me first, my Why immediately became obvious to her. In taking the time to listen, process, understand, Hollie was able to speak my vision back to me before I ever spoke of it to her. That’s her magic. That’s her power. She’ll access your world of possibility and remind you of the reasons why you always knew you could do it.

NATALIE LEVINE | Storyteller & Healer


I loved the VIP day hike! It was challenging and a great way to talk about and process some heavy stuff… you gave me great ideas and validated a path I’ve been longing to take. I’m so excited for this new chapter!

TRICIA TAYLOR | Singer/Songwriter


I can’t even begin to explain the flood of emotions I felt after my first session with Hollie. She had this ability to bring what I had worked so hard to repress out to the open…in full view. I could feel her passion to help me discover how to live my life to the fullest, make my dreams a reality and that settling does not have to be an option. I understand now that my dreams are not fantasies; they are the blueprints to my future that only I can build. Thank you Hollie!

VANESSA GOAD |Police Senior Telecommunicator


When I first started working with Hollie, I had no real clue what I wanted to do with my life and my passion. I just knew I wanted to do more with my music. In one amazing session with Hollie, my entire life AND my mind, body and soul shifted instantly into alignment. Wow! What a joyous experience! Hollie has insight like no other and she has the business savvy with cutting-edge instincts that helped my turn my passions and purpose into a hugely fulfilling entrepreneurship built on a rock-solid foundation. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a loving, authentic life-changer!



HollieHollie Flynn is a Life Purpose Guide, Life Coach & Strategist. She is also a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess; How to Go from Surviving to Thriving, and Founder & CEO of Wellness Spark, Inc, a holistic personal development & life strategy company. Hollie has been an entrepreneur since 1998 when she opened up 3 Fitness Centers at the age of 26 and has since started several other businesses always turning her passion and purpose as they evolve into an extraordinary livelihood and life.

Hollie has spent 25+ years studying, researching, and LIVING the principles of positive psychology, personal development, success mindset, Universal law, holistic life and business design, high performance and optimal wellness.

Hollie loves adventure, mountain biking, trail running, kale, bourbon, oh and books. Lots and lots of books. Her favorite place in the world is her home where she lives with her wise and witty daughter, Taylor, Yang (the cat), and Mr. Carter Jones (the family dog).