Spark Note: How To Feel Better

SP5When you are not living your passions or your purpose you will at best feel bored, restless, and be in continual search for MORE…

If the gap deepens between your purpose and your current reality you may feel anger, bitterness, resentment, and/or depression.

At its worst, it can often look like addictions or chronic illness.

Every cell in your body knows whether you are happy or sad, or if you are living your soul mission. Pay attention to how you are feeling and let those feelings get your attention and guide you.

Those feelings and manifestations are letting you know just how far off course you are. You can course correct at any time.

Let yourself feel what you are feeling and use that powerful information to guide you back to living your passions, and your purpose.

Don’t buy into how life “should” look…that’s all man-made. It’s not real. Express what you want to express. Get in touch with how you really want to live. This is your ‘divine design’…

Live what lights you up.

Immense joy is on the other side.

With Love & Spark!

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