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Policies | Hollie Flynn


My “Give Credit” Policy:
I was inspired to write my policies from Alexandra Franzen. I followed her template. If you are looking for: scripts, templates, writing better, writing workshops, writing courses, more brevity, more brilliance, more heart, more generosity…she’s your girl. Meet Alexandra right HERE.

My Books (print/digital), Posters, Courses Policy.
These are non-refundable. Please shop/enroll mindfully.

My Workshops, Retreats, & Live Events Policy.
Cancellation Policy:  If you are purchasing a ticket to one of my live events it is nonrefundable, but transferable. Which means no refunds will be issued but you may choose one of these three options:

1. Transfer your ticket to the next event of its kind.
2. Sell your ticket to someone else.
3. Gift your ticket to someone else.

My Advice Policy.
If you are in my community, I do my very best  to answer ever single question I receive.  At this time, I can handle doing that. This may change at any time.  I may respond immediately or it make take weeks…all depending on my current workflow/projects and the weather (seriously, if it’s warm and sunny, I’m mountain biking.) That’s just how I roll.

Not in my community: Join over on the side. That  “Subscribe Here” link right up there under my photo.  And Welcome!

My Re-publishing Policy.
If you see something on my website or in a product you have purchased and want to republish my words, ideas, or quotes I use, please do so.  But please site my name: Hollie Flynn and link back to my website:
My Affiliate Disclaimer Policy.  A.K.A.  Admission of Alignment.
I may receive financial compensation for any 3rd-party products or services you find on this site or within products/courses you have purchased from me.  I only share services or products that I have first hand knowledge or experience of.  I look for the best of the best and only those things that are in personal alignment.
What I Need to Say Policy (according to “THEM” — a.k.a Legal Peeps):
This applies to Hollie Flynn, Wellness Spark, Inc. and it’s officers, TheNoBSLife.com, SparkYourEPICLife.com, and The Wild & Wise Brand & Product Line.  Basically this is anywhere you find me, my companies, my work, my books, my websites.

Regarding any of my work, writings, blogs: I do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of my work is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for success and emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in my work, which is your constitutional right, I assume no responsibility for your actions.

(Talk about B.S.! but it’s to protect against those few folks who enjoy Bullsh*t.  Probably not anyone who enjoys my work.)
My Thank You Policy
I believe you can NEVER, EVER say thank you enough.  Thank YOU for being here. Thanks for reading. Thanks for showing up in this world as only you can!

xo! Hollie