Passion. Purpose. Profit.

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  • EPIC Life Design.  Together we’ll custom design your EPIC (Extraordinary, Passion-filled, Inspiring and Completely aligned) life  based on your passions, values, and unique lifestyle goals, dreams and desires.
  • EPIC Money Map. We’ll crunch numbers to figure out exactly how much your EPIC life cost. This will direct us to the appropriate business model, income goals and strategy.
  • Your EPIC Genius:  We’ll work together to discover how your passions, gifts, strengths and life experiences all merge to create your unique sweet spot in product and service offerings.

·         EPIC Business Design:  You’ll begin work to build your Passion to Profit to Purpose Business. We’ll take what we discovered in Your EPIC Genius and EPIC Money Map to decide what business model is uniquely ideal for to  bring your EPIC Life Design into creation.  We’ll work together to craft your first offering (package/pricing).

EPIC Business Jumpstart Kit

We’ll work together to craft your first offering (package/pricing). We’ll discuss the latest trends in email marketing, website design, freebies, and cutting edge marketing practices. I will share what I’ve used and why I’ve used it. There are numerous different ways to build a business and just as many different tools and systems to use.

This is a very personal decision and will largely depend on the needs of the business model you choose and personal preference.

Before we close the first 90 days, you’ll identify and decide on:
1. Your email provider (example: Mailchimp, Aweber, Convert Kit)
2. Your website platform (WordPress, Squarespace, etc.)
3. Your Freebie (a gift to your audience in return for their email).
4. Your 2 Marketing Funnels (the 2 top ways you will bring in clients)
5. Your sales process


What You Get::

:: Lessons acquired from 18 years of entrepreneurship: turning my own passions to purpose and profit in the fitness, wellness, adventure, and coaching/consulting industries.

:: My methods for uncovering your passions, purpose, and core values so you know how to design, create, and direct you most satisfying, fulfilling, and joyous life.

:: How to reverse engineer your life to determine what actually matters to you and how to use that information to determine what business vehicle/model is perfect to achieve your life and lifestyle goals and desires.

:: The 5 things you do need to start a business or fine tune the one you’ve got, and the dozens and dozens of things you don’t need (don’t go down the rabbit hole).

:: A limiting belief busting session that will have you thinking completely differently than you ever have before about life and what is possible for you.

:: My EPIC Living Money Map Blueprint so you can determine exactly how much you really need to live YOUR dream life.

:: How to package on offering that represents your EPIC Genius…your EPIC Genius is the sweet spot where your passions, your why, your strengths, your gifts, and your unique life experiences all merge into the most powerful, extraordinary, and profitable service that others love and need.

:: How to stop striving for the myth of work/life balance and instead know how to fully integrate your life with your livelihood so both flow and grow seamlessly, passionately, and joyously.

Hollie Flynn
Author, Life Purpose &