Is it YOUR time to love your life? All of it?

Life is short. So I was at an appointment Monday with my dermatologist. She asked me how my day was. I thought about it and said, “Actually, really fast.”

She said, “OH THAT’S GREAT! Don’t you love when they fly by? You know how sometimes you look at the clock, and are like…oh my gosh, ONLY 2:30?!”

Me: (In my head.) Huh?!

I could tell she was authentically very happy for me and my fast day.

I wanted to go, “Wait! Wait! Not a good thing! That’s my precious life minutes!”  And then list the 67 reasons why I enjoy my days and want them to go slow. But that can be exhausting…for both parties!

But, I couldn’t shake the comment. Partly, because I was surprised she felt that way. I viewed her as someone who loved her work and enjoyed being there. I was also there at exactly 2:30 pm and suddenly wondered if she was happy to be treating me or thinking, “God, it’s ONLY 2:30. Can’t wait to get this girl out of here!” Which I’m sure she WOULD HAVE thought had I started on my list of 67. 🙂

I started thinking that it probably wasn’t an odd comment, but likely a feeling many people have about their lives and especially their work.

So I took a moment to get out of my self-created bubble, and go back in time. 17 years to be exact. I do remember exactly how it felt. I felt it every single day, every single hour from my first job at 16 years old until my last job (for someone else) at 26.  It’s been 17 years since I disliked my work and counted hours until I could go home. It’s been 17 years since I counted down the days to weekends and to vacations.

It’s easy for people to look at me now and say, “Oh, you’re lucky.”  But, I have to be straight with you. It wasn’t luck. It was a choice. I went for it. I took a big fat scary leap to change my life. I did it for one reason and one reason only:

A life where I watched the clock was unacceptable to me. Period. I refused to live that way.

Despite great odds and very little money, I creatively found a way to open my own business. I was looking for a solution. I was willing to create the solution. To go for it, even though it seemed crazy. Even though I didn’t even know HOW to fully create my solution or run a business.

Being committed to a solution just means determined to figure it out as you go. Fiercely determined. When it’s hard. When you’re scared. When you’re broke. When you’re unsure. Fiercely determined. Because what’s on the other side is worth it. It matters.

So for me this leap of faith and life change took place in the course of one summer (which is often when I choose to shake things up). I started on July 21 and opened my first fitness center on September 11.

It was fast and furious. I had to get my space ready…find it, lease it, gut it, paint, install floors, a front desk, and set up equipment. And market. I went door to door (which wasn’t fun). I learned how to run newspaper ads. I did everything in my power to open that baby in the fastest time period. The truth is I had to. I couldn’t afford not to. Literally…I had no savings, nothing to fall back on. It’s was fly high or crash and burn. I flew.

So I guess I want to convey 2 things:

1. Life is too short and too precious not to love each and every day.

2. If there is something you want to be different in your life, you can make it so.

You may not want to open your own business, but you might want to find work you love. Or get super fit and healthy. Or create something that would be incredibly meaningful to you.

If that’s you, but you’re not sure how to get started, I’d love to help. I’ve created a very unique mentorship & mastermind to teach you what you need to know and practice to go after that something that would increase your life exponentially!

It’s pretty darn cool…you’ll pick 1 goal and we’ll go full out for 4 weeks. I’m a HUGE advocate of short time periods. Because typically, MORE time is not what we need.

What we need is: Guts, determination, focus, momentum, and a BIG reason!  Miracles can happen when those elements exist. The good news…those elements are available to us all. 

So if you want something, something that matters greatly and you can bring guts, determination, focus, and your big WHY…the rest…easy peasy.

Want to play? Send me a message at: or hit me up on Facebook.

Here’s to slow days and sparking what matters…to YOU!

Hollie “fiercely determined” Flynn


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