The EPIC Life Experience


The EPIC Life Experience

The EPIC Life Experience is Fitness Adventure + Lifestyle Design (on steroids!) for purpose driven Entrepreneurs, High Performers, and Adventurers.

On the surface?  It’s about pushing limits in nature + upgrading your fitness, livelihood, and lifestyle.

But really?  It’s about aligning your current reality with the life and lifestyle of your dreams.
And even more EPIC (if you handle it)…it’s about designing WHO you want to become.

This is a tailored 1:1 private VIP experience.  We’ll work together to co-create a highly customized day to help you SPARK, CREATE, and LIVE your most EPIC life.

*Choose Your Adventure:

Hiking                          Mountain Biking            **Adventure Fit Challenge
Trail Running           Road Biking

*Pick one and we’ll chat and customize the adventure to your fitness level. We’ll shoot for a level that  both pushes your limits and exhilarates you. You are stronger than you think, and more capable than you know.

** Adventure Fit Challenge:  This is a fully charged session of cardio + strength challenges. It will involve high intensity interval training with an emphasis on a strong, lean body and high performance in life.  Bonus: This workout is designed so you can take it w/ you anywhere…the mountains, backyard, park, home, or in your hotel room. You will never again have an excuse not to be fit, strong, and energized to live full out.

Choose Your Pleasure
  (Pick your top 3 and we’ll start there.)

Swimming                            *Paddle Board Yoga
Relaxing by the pool        Organic, delicious meals + snacks
*Massage                               Easy Hike
*Yoga                                      Celebration Cocktails  (OK, this one is a sure thing!)

 *May only be offered to small groups

Lifestyle Design

The most EPIC Adventure challenge of the day will be designing your dream life. Through powerful conversations and exercises you will:

SPARK Your Passions
:: discover the things that truly ignite your soul
::  illuminate your life purpose
::  identify your passions + desires
::  find your EPIC money spot…the place where your passions + gifts + strengths + core values powerfully merge to create right livelihood, service to the world, and financial freedom
::  spark adventure, fun, and freedom in your life

CREATE  Your Dream Life
::  Design your Ideal Day
::  Craft the Vision of your most EPIC life, your most EPIC self
::  Plot the plan + strategy to build it
::  Create + customize your master EPIC Living Passport

LIVE  It Full Out
::  Develop the Clarity, Confidence, and Courage to live your dream
::  Identify Limiting Beliefs (excuses, faulty programming, and other BS)
::  Fly high by getting lighter (cut the crap in your life now)
::  Live life as a fully Aligned, Authentic, Audacious, Alive, and Awesome Adventure

By the end of this EPIC day you will have experienced:

::  adventure + pushing new limits
::  designing your dream life
::  discovering your passions
::  the foundation needed to live EPIC
::  what success means to you
::  what makes you come alive
::  your unique trail markers to happiness, meaning, and aliveness
::  the courage and confidence to go after what you really want

And maybe best of all, you’ll have the experience of someone seeing your highest potential (even if you can’t yet) and personally supporting you in designing a life that is Extraordinary, Passion-filled, Inspiring, and Completely you.

So grab your favorite pair of trail shoes, swimsuit, and workout clothes and get ready to step into EPIC.

The EPIC Life Experience is NOW.   2-4 Spots are available each month May – October.

Contact for more information or purchase below to start the EPIC Life Experience customization.

Here’s what to do next:

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2.  After payment is made, I will contact you with a questionnaire so we can begin customizing  your EPIC experience.
3. If you have any questions, give me a shout out at: