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About Hollie | Hollie Flynn

About Hollie

Hollie Flynn, AuthorHi, I’m Hollie!

Over the past 15 years, post my degree in Psychology and before becoming an author and founder of Wellness SPARK, Inc., a holistic personal development and life strategy company, I spent 14 years as a multi-club fitness center owner.

During that time, I also added an Adventure Racing Company to the mix, and dabbled in real estate and built a vacation rental business with a wellness twist.

Without a doubt, I love entrepreneurship and building businesses. But here’s what really fires me up: FREEDOM, adventure, living my passions, living my purpose, busting limits (my own!), and leaning into my highest potential — mind, body, and spirit!

I believe life is to be lived as one exciting, expansive EPIC adventure. And I don’t want to miss a moment. And I don’t want YOU to miss a moment.

My mission is to help you live your own EPIC life. But let me be clear, I don’t define the word “epic” in the way most people do.

Yes, I pursue (and encourage YOU to pursue) experiences and adventures that are far outside the norm. You can click here to see some of my EPIC pursuits in biz, body, and life.

But to me, EPIC means something even deeper and more powerful than cool accomplishments, impressive results, and kick ass bike rides (and oh God, I love those!).

You can read the full version of EPIC here, but if you’re in a hurry, here’s the short version below:

EPIC is a life and a YOU that is:

Inspiring &
Completely aligned

Extraordinary. It means you are living in a way that is extraordinary to you. Your extraordinary can only be defined and designed by you. It is an expression of your very personal, purposeful, and divinely downloaded desires and dreams.

Passion-filled. It is a life overflowing and in flow with your passions. You are surrounded by who and what you love on a daily basis. Your work, your activities, your life is an extension and expression of what you absolutely love.

Inspiring. It is a life in which you feel inspired to start each new day knowing you are on the right path (your path!). You feel free to fully express yourself as only you can. You feel inspired from the inside out and you are a beacon of inspiration to those around you.

Completely aligned. It is a life completely aligned with your core values. You know and honor your values in every area of life. This is what you stand for. This is what drives you. It is a YOU in complete integrity with your higher self.

EPIC is the essence of you. It is who you really are. It is the nature of your true and full potential being fully expressed. It is why you were born.

Without a doubt, I’m on a mission to bust the status quo and lead an EPIC Living Revolution.

It’s YOUR time.

Welcome to the Revolution!



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