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Maverick Mentorship: 6 Month Private Coaching | Hollie Flynn

Maverick Mentorship: 6 Month Private Coaching

6 Month Private 1:1 Mentorship with Hollie

We Adventure

You’ll bring your deepest desires and I’ll bring sparks of inspiration (a.k.a. hits of YOUR genius), intuitive guidance, and kick ass strategy.

Together, we’ll explore, discover, and journey to co-create your most extraordinary life.

You will pick your adventure. I’ll test it. I’ll make sure it is aligned with your values, your passions, and your greatness.

You will do the work. I will support you with keen insights, unconventional solutions, a cut to the chase approach, laughter, and tools to direct your mind, support your body, and connect your spirit.

You will bring focus, energy, commitment, heart, and courage.  I will bring truth, honesty, new perspectives, and passion. I will challenge you to BE  YOU, to drop the B.S. (yours and society’s), and to lean into your deepest, most satisfying, and exhilarating potential and life.

I believe it’s time for success to be defined in a new way.  In your way. What matters to you –deep down to your core matters –this will direct EVERYTHING we create, build, &  do.

 My Clients

My clients are smart, passionate, and purpose driven. They desire to live full out and to make a difference in this world.  They have deep feelings, complex thoughts, big hearts, and are on a quest to find their place in this world and then to create a better world.  They are often psychology majors, coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

They can’t stop themselves from questioning things. They don’t shy away from challenges.  And they want it all…a fit, strong body, money, love, creative expression, meaningful, satisfying work, and above all… PASSION and FREEDOM in life.

They are adventurers in pursuit of extraordinary experiences,  personal  and spiritual growth, and have an insatiable desire to know who they are and how they can live their full potential…authentically, boldly, courageously, and FULL OUT.

How We Work

We work together one-to-one for a minimum of 6 months. My coaching consists of deep and powerful conversations, a committed and intimate relationship and training in the art of living your passions. There is no “program”… the agenda is YOU. This 6 month experience will be highly personalized to your specific goals and desires. Coaching is done face-to-face in Salem/Roanoke, Virginia or long-distance via phone.

Your Coaching Package Includes:
12 x 60 minute phone coaching sessions  (2 sessions per month x 6 months)

You Invest:
Full Pay:  $4,500
Monthly Pay:  $795

Let’s Roll!
Have a question, email me at Hollie@SparkYourEPIClife. Otherwise enroll below, and let’s get this adventure started.

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Once you’ve enrolled, I will be in your inbox with a  some pre-work and to schedule our first call.

Congratulations and welcome to the most exhilarating journey of a lifetime…living your full potential, full out.

I’m honored to be your guide and mentor on this journey.



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