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Work with Me | Hollie Flynn

Work with Me

  2 powerful & unique ways to work with me for 2 powerful purposes:

 spark_logo_circle_small Spark Your EPIC: 1-Day Intensive

 Spark Your EPIC: 1-Day Intensive is for you if you aren’t fully aware of the power and the beauty of WHO you are.

You most likely have a good life, maybe even a great life. You’ve already been successful in other areas of life. But something is missing. You want more.  But you are struggling with knowing what the more is.

You haven’t quite unearthed the depths of your purpose, passions, values, and greatest gifts.

Or if you have, you don’t know how to build a passionate, rich, and deeply satisfying life around those very unique elements.

This is a day to dive deep into YOUR Extraordinary. To reorient your life around your Passions and purpose. To design an Inspired life that is Completely aligned and completely YOU!  This is the EPIC life.

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spark_logo_circle_smallThe Maverick Mentorship: 6 Month Private Coaching

The Maverick Mentorship: 6 Month Private Coaching is for you if you are up to big things in life.  You have a vision – desires and dreams so big they completely thrill and overwhelm you at the same time.

You don’t need a coach. You want a coach!  You CRAVE a partner in crime, a trusted mentor, a sounding board, and someone who can fiercely, passionately AND objectively see your genius, your heart, and full potential…AND someone who will challenge your story, limiting beliefs, and any down playing of the WHO you really are.

You are a person who believes in investing in yourself. You know coaching will draw you forward into a deeper, more grounded, and more powerful version of YOU.  You are up for the challenge.

You are a rebel with cause. You are here to do EPIC…to boldly create, to transform, to heal, to lead, to break rules, to innovate…and to impact and transform lives…starting with your own.

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