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Vision Quest: Private VIP Adventure | Hollie Flynn

Vision Quest: Private VIP Adventure

Vision Quest(1)

Imagine…going on your own personal Vision Quest.

A long, gorgeous hike immersed in the beauty and magic of nature. Spending the day in this other world where power and peace exist simultaneously. No wonder we often refer to being in nature as a spiritual experience. It is.  FullSizeRender(17)

Imagine leaving your cell phone, computer, maybe even your job, and the responsibilities of every day life behind for just one day.

Imagine feeling your heart pump and your mind get clear as you move deeper into nature and deeper into hearing YOU.

Imagine having powerful conversations. Life-changing conversations.

Imagine a day where your sole (and soul!) responsibility is to explore, discover, and dream.

What if you could connect to WHO you really are and WHAT you really want?  What if you new exactly what to do to live a purposeful, passionate, and rich life?


What’s your Vision? For your life? For you? Do you know? Are you living it? Do want to?

Your life is important. You are important.

If you’ve been overworked, overwhelmed, in search of MORE, more  of the “right” things –this is for you.

If you keep changing careers, relationships, or direction always in search of that elusive “thing” that might be IT — this is for you.

If you keep wasting time, energy, money, and heartache on things that aren’t satisfying or lasting — this is for you.

If you’ve been thinking of that one thing for years, and haven’t acted and can’t figure out why you can’t act — this is for you.

If you’ve been driven, successful…and are wondering “is this it?” — this is for you.

What if you could finally crack the code? What if you could craft, create, and live your dreams full out? Not society’s expectations, or your family’s, or all your own shoulds, but YOUR dream. What would life be like? How would you feel?

My Clients

My clients are smart, purpose driven, spiritual, creative, and compassionate human beings. They crave a life of richness. They have a desire to be challenged to “up their game”…. knowing they can do more. Knowing they are here for more.

They are adventurers and lovers of life. They are in pursuit of extraordinary experiences, personal and spiritual growth, and have an insatiable desire to know who they are and how they can live their full potential…authentically, boldly, courageously, and FULL OUT.

This is a day in nature. It is 100% committed to you. Time and space to make sense of your entire life up to this point. Time to see WHO you really are and time to be honest about what you really want.

Navigate Well Dear FriendIt’s time to reorient the map and walk confidently in the direction of your dreams, your most EPIC life, your most EPIC self.

This is a private VIP day.  I’ve set aside a few days in the next month to take a few select adventurous clients on a gorgeous hike as we vision and create your most EPIC life. As soon, as you enroll, I’ll be in touch to confirm the date and to customize your day.

Cost: $550 (includes adventure excursion, snacks, and organic lunch)

Reserve Your VIP Vision Quest Day Here
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Hollie Flynn is a life long entrepreneur and adventurer, maverick mentor and instigator of dreams. She is author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess, and Founder & CEO of Wellness Spark, Inc, a personal development & life strategy company. Hollie has been an entrepreneur since 1998 when she opened up 3 Fitness Centers at the age of 26 after putting herself through a crash course (6 years…so it was a slow crash) in success. Hollie loves adventure, mountain biking, trail running, kale, and bourbon, oh and books. Lots and lots of books. Her favorite place in the world is her home where she lives with her two cats, Yin and Yang, and her witty and wise daughter, Taylor.

Have questions? Email me at Hollie@SparkYourEPICLife.com. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook\