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Life Design Adventure Immersion | Hollie Flynn

Life Design Adventure Immersion

 This is a private in person 1:1 day with Hollie hiking 3-4 hours while transforming your life!

live your passions

 Ready to grab your machete and blaze a new trail?

Do You Want:

:: MORE.
You have a restless feeling that there is more for you. It feels both powerful and elusive. Like it’s right there in front of you, but somehow you can’t touch it or figure out how to get “it” in your life.

:: To feel on purpose with purpose.
You want to live your passions and know for sure that you are going after and living your highest potential.

:: To make a difference.
You want to create something extraordinary. You want to serve, help, impact.

:: Meaningful work.
You want to start a business or reinvent the one you’ve got, or simply do work that is satisfying and prosperous.

:: To know your life purpose.
You want to know how to make sense of all that is uniquely YOU. And discover how your entire life experience tells a very unique story.

:: To feel like, “Aaahh, yes! THIS is why I’m here!”

The Goal

:: To stop the madness and let go of all that in not working in your life.

:: To get clear on your dreams and acknowledge that they are possible.

:: To spark your passions and know exactly what lights you up.

:: To uncover your WHY, your purpose.

:: To discover your EPIC genius in biz, or right livelihood.

:: To develop new habits, practices and ways of thinking to support your goals & dreams.

:: To gain inspiration, insight, and courage!

Untitled design(1)I’m Right for You if:

:: You’ve recognized a pattern of spending money, time, and energy chasing the wrong thing in search of MORE.

:: You can’t take another day of feeling restless, bored, frustrated, unsure and if your honest, sometimes anxious and depressed.

:: You’re suspicious that your constant thinking of career or relationship change is really about something bigger, something inside of you.

:: You can’t explain it. But deep inside of you, you know you are meant for something more.

:: You’ve had a lot of success in life and are wondering, “Is this IT?”

:: You have a deep desire to merge your passions + purpose with meaningful work.

:: You crave freedom, a richness in living, and beyond all knowing you are living your full potential.

I’m not right for you if:

:: You’re not open minded.

:: If you lean toward negativity, blaming, and complaining.

:: If you are content, fine with the status quo, and believe not much can change.

:: If you aren’t willing to take action.

How am I different?

Intuitive Guide + Life Strategist

One of my strongest gifts is that I can easily see the grand vision and highest potential, especially in people. I’m both a visionary AND a strategist. It’s a pretty powerful and effective combo.

I’m extremely curious, intuitive, and I use keen insights and powerful questions to help you uncover YOU. Your life has clues. You have all the answers within you. My part is to ask the right questions, the life-changing questions that will guide you to those answers. Those answers reflect your true essence + higher purpose.

I’ll be like a detective on your case for EPIC.

You have completed many life circles (I call them dots). When we connect those dots it is like weaving together a beautiful tapestry that is a master blueprint to your life’s purpose. This is especially powerful as it pertains to right livelihood.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 17 years repeatedly turning my passions and purpose as they evolve into successful businesses, but most importantly I’ve used my passions to design a life I love. I’m a published (& proud!) author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess: How to Go from Surviving to Thriving. I’m also a certified Holistic Wellness Coach with 20+ years researching and studying the principles of positive psychology, personal development, life purpose, success mindset, Universal law, holistic life and business design, high performance and optimal wellness.

My philosophy is that we are each artist of our own masterpieces and courageous adventurers on our path to our most aligned, alive, and sacred lives. This is a journey worth going on. This is THE adventure of a lifetime!

I’d love to be your guide.

Are you ready?


Investment in your life changing adventure is $750.  $550





How this works:
:: As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive a welcome (high-five!) email.
:: I’ll contact you and we’ll confirm our date.


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Any questions email me at Hollie@WellnessSpark.com

spark_fb_bannerHollie Flynn is a Wellness and Lifestyle Expert, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess, and Founder & CEO of Wellness Spark, Inc, a personal development & life strategy company. Hollie has been an entrepreneur since 1998 when she opened up 3 Fitness Centers at the age of 26 after putting herself through a crash course (6 years…so it was a slow crash) in success.

Hollie loves adventure, mountain biking, trail running, kale, bourbon, oh and books. Lots and lots of books. Her favorite place in the world is her home where she lives with her two cats, Yin and Yang, and her wise and witty daughter, Taylor. And new family dog, Mr. Carter Jones.