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Wild & Wise Mastermind | Hollie Flynn

Wild & Wise Mastermind


Wild: free, spirited, and untamed
Wisdom: discernment of what is true and lasting


Who they are:  10 women who will serve as the founding members of the Wild & Wise Women’s Mastermind. 

Are you one of them? Read the statements below.
:: Do they call to you in a deep way?
:: Do they excite you?
::Do you think “that is so me” or”yes, that is my path” or “that is what I am here to become?”

If so you may be one the Wild & Wise leaders we are looking for.

Wild & Wise Founding Members

:: are fierce, feisty, spirited, smart, purpose driven, kind, compassionate, and big-hearted

:: KNOW they are here to impact, heal, or transform the world.

:: are unconventional

:: are positive, determined, tenacious

:: open minded, solution orientated — they lean toward “why not” or “hell yeah”

:: are entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, healers, and out of the box educators

:: have a drive, actually a NEED to make their communities and world a better place

:: Are connectors, leaders, and have at least one belief, cause, or passion that calls them forward

:: a have deep reverence for wisdom and are grounded in those things that are true and lasting

:: have a burning desire to be apart of something bigger than themselves

This is the Wild and Wise Coalition & Mastermind

We come together: