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Who Are You Listening To? | Hollie Flynn

Who Are You Listening To?

Question: Who or what should you listen to and what should you trust?

Here’s the deal. You desire things that other people don’t. Period.  Sometimes when you ask people what they want, they often say “a million dollars in the bank” or more money. But if you dig deeper it’s actually much much more that they want.

Know that what interests you, what you love, what you dream about, what your idea of the perfect day is, or the perfect mate…are all very different from someone else’s idea. What you think would be the most awesome lifestyle, job or business….again all very unique to you.

Consider your desires to be Soul Sparks!  They are there to light your unique path.

Listen to your heart, trust your gut and THEN use your mind to strategize how to get what you truly desire.

Most people work it the other way, spending a ton of energy and “logic” to talk themselves out of their desires and dreams. So many folks spend so much energy building the case as to why their dreams and desires can’t happen, or why they aren’t supposed to happen.

This is so draining. This is exhausting.  And in all areas of the heart…logic is pretty darn useless.

People pride themselves in being realistic. Don’t.  Being realistic is a road to build other peoples’ dreams, not your own.

I encourage you to honor what you really want. To really practice trusting those desires. That means trusting yourself. Trusting yourself more than well-meaning loved ones, parents, your significant other, society at large, and yes, even me. 🙂 You know more than ANYONE about how to live your life.

So use your smarts (thinking) to create the life you really want, not to talk yourself out of it!  Your heart is telling you the truth. Your brain helps you to get it.

Trust your desires. They are why you are here.  This is how you will be the greatest service to others. So pay attention to your heart. You never know how many people are counting on you to do that very thing.

With love and total belief in you and your dreams!
Live Extraordinary!

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