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SPICES + OILS | Hollie Flynn


Top Ten Spices

(a.k.a. THINGS that make food taste soooo much better!)


Rule #1   Do not eat boring, bland, plain food! Just don’t.

1. SALT! (Himalayan or Celtic)

2. Crushed Peppercorn (like these – colors are pretty!)

3. Fresh Basil (OMG…so flavorful, but doesn’t last long so keep that in mind).

4. Fresh Cilantro (helps turn any salad, wrap, meat/seafood dish into a Mexican feast! And you can make some might find guacamole (avocado, sea salt, lime juice, cilantro, diced tomatoes or red pepper – your ticket to YUM!)

5. Garlic (fresh…crush that baby) So HEALTHY for you. This is my fav Garlic Press. I’ve had it for 15 years and use it every day…seriously….everyday. Some times 2x a day. Note to self…buy another.

6. Ginger Root. Again SO HEALTHY. Love this on chicken (w/ onions + garlic!) or in my smoothies!
I peel w/ potato peeler and chop into little tiny cubes and saute w/ chicken in coconut. You can also press in that awesome garlic press from above.

7. Butter (Grass fed ONLY!) No low fat , light crap or sprays.

8. Olive Oil (organic cold pressed!) Get a spritzer and it goes a long way! I spritz all my salads and cooking pans. The one I use is from Farberware. I couldn’t find on Amazon. If I had to buy another one, I’d buy the one above. It’s pricey but worth. I’m personally not a fan of the Misto one.

9. Coconut oil. Organic + Unrefined.  I LOVE this brand!  Any product you can eat & use on your body….total winner in my book! And it’s fair trade.

10. Lemons (organic…seriously try an organic lemon and a conventionally…can you taste the difference?) Great on fish, salads, warm lemon water in the morn or in a sparkling mineral water cocktail. OK, not really a cocktail but with the bubbly over ice with tons of fresh lemon…sure feels like it. Put in a fancy smancy glass!