Primal Playbook Workshop & Adventure Excursion

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Primal Playbook Workshop & Adventure Excursion

This is for women who want to adventure more in life and FEEL (BE!) more powerful, energetic, sensual, and alive!

So…this is for you if you think this sounds like a day full of AWESOMENESS:

1. Start the day hiking a gorgeous mountain with other super cool, smart, and spirited women.
2.  Then onto a cool dip in my private pool while savoring a primal feast of whole delicious foods.
3. Spend the rest of the afternoon in a primal workshop where you’ll create your own primal playbook: 14 days of power packed meal plans based on ancient nutritional wisdom.
4. Champagne, High Fives, & Farewells!

By the end of the day you will know how to:
:: Turn your body from a sugar burning machine into a fat burning powerhouse
:: Lose weight &  gain strength
:: Dial in what foods will strengthen your body and satisfy
:: Harness the secrets ancient heroes used for endurance
:: Create meals plans you can use again and again
:: Increase your energy so you can live full out!

 What to expect (more deets!)

Part 1:  Adventure Excursion (Hike)
We’ll start your primal adventure with a 3-4 hour adventure excursion. Deep in nature, challenged by climbs. If you’re a runner, you may run!  If you’re not (and that’s completely OK) you’ll hike with me.

:: Expect to get hot, sweaty, and dirty. Woo-hooo!
:: Expect sweet connection to beautiful terrain and nature.
:: Expect your senses and soul to come alive.

Part 2:  Primal Feast + Swim.
We’ll gather back at my home for a refreshing swim in the pool and an organic primal poolside feast.
You’ll sample primal foods and begin to get an idea of the possibilities of your own personal Primal Playbook for EPIC Power & Vitality.

Part 3: Create Your Primal Playbook: Your Nutritional Passport to EPIC Power + Vitality
What exactly are we going to do?

I will teach you how to:
– Create a shopping list you’ll use for a lifetime
– Avoid the 6 Deadly Predators in food stores
– Create 14 days worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.
– Add superfoods to diet, and why you’d want to
– Prepare meals that fuel the body and satisfy the soul

At the end of this adventure, you’ll have the experience and wisdom to EPIC nutrition, and an EPIC life.

I have a passionate belief that as women we can’t live our best life in a body not at its best. We need energy, strength, nourishment, a radiant vitality to go after and to live our dreams to their fullest.

When we feel good in our bodies, we feel good in our minds. When we feel good in our minds, we are UNSTOPPABLE. I believe the world needs more women like you to be Unstoppable.

Your Ticket to Unstoppable:  $450


:: Receive Workbook: Prepare Your Lair  (Great Prep!)
:: Digital Book: Wild & Wise: Primal Power for Women
:: $150 off The 14 Day Primal TEST event. (Discount Code delivered upon enrollment in this event)

Where is it?
My home in the Roanoke Valley (nestled between the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian Trail)
Voted best trail town!
Best Places to Stay

What to bring:
-Trail shoes
-Workout clothes
– Bathing suit
-Water, small pack
-Beach Towel
-Change of clothes

Is this for women, men, both?
Sorry fellas, this one is for the ladies — cause you guys might slow us down. 🙂 but we do have 2 co-ed adventure excursions coming up soon!


“Just so you know, I am quite impressed with the amount and quality of information you are putting out. You’re awesome!”

“Thank you for being so detailed and supportive. You rock! I’m already learning so much and it’s only day 2. And even though I resist logging food, I’m so glad I am. Thanks again!!”

“This is really weird. I’m not eating nearly as many calories as I normally do, yet I feel so full. I’ve lost a pound a day so far. Is this the “secret” I’ve been looking for???”

“I sang your praises tonight to 3 women, plus 2 women yesterday! I hope you realize what a gift you have. Thank you so much for the kick in the ass I needed to get things back on track. I hope you do this again because I have friends that desperately want exactly the medicine you prescribe!”


“I don’t feel deprived at all. Actually, I feel stuffed and very content. It’s strange that I’m losing so much weight but I’ll take it!”

“I’m loving having such a positive focus. I’m so happy I’m doing this. You are an inspiration. Not many people focus on helping others. I’m glad you do. The world needs more Hollie Flynn’s in it! :)”

Your energy is amazing.  Thank you for the hike and creating an amazing experience.

Hollie was well organized, had a great message, and is quite knowledgeable about wellness and fitness. The hike added another layer  of excitement, and gave the participants a chance to bond.


 Unleash Your Power. Live Your Potential. Change the World…

Be You!Questions: Contact Hollie at

Montvale 5 Miler_ FinishHollie Flynn is a Wellness and Lifestyle Expert, Author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess, and Founder & CEO of Wellness Spark, Inc, a holistic personal development & life strategy company. Hollie also owned and operated 3 Fitness Centers for 14 years helping thousands of women lose weight, get stronger, and live more empowered lives. Hollie is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and TRX Certified Trainer. She loves adventure, mountain biking, trail running, wisdom, and whipping up crazy nutritious and healthy meals in under 10 minutes flat. Her favorite place in the world (other than mountains) is her home where she lives with her two cats, Yin and Yang, and her wild & wise daughter.