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Want to change your life? Do you do this one thing? | Hollie Flynn

Want to change your life? Do you do this one thing?

NVST N U – Solve this license plate and you’ll solve the pathway to exponential growth + success in every area of life. 

So this was my tag from 1999 – present. I’m getting ready to retire it and move on to a new tag that represents what I’m digging now in life.  Hint: this next one will be easy to read, but epic to incorporate into life!

So…for over a decade this tag and tagline has been my philosophy and core operating principle. It changed my life.

NVST N U.  It was always fun to see who could get it, who really struggled, and who never could figure it out.  Most interesting were the ones who figured out the words but not the meaning.

 Invest in YOU.  Did you get it?  Do you do it?

There is no greater investment or return on investment on this planet than Investing in YOU – in your mindset, in your health, in your personal development, in your business, and in gaining certain experiences and knowledge. 

In my early twenties, I was fortunate to understand the power and the necessity of investing in myself. And it’s something I easily and continually do over and over again. It is the key to my success. Well that, and I have a very low tolerance for a boring ass life.  

So when you start investing in yourself, it means you begin to evaluate  purchases, experiences, wellness, and ways to learn something or grow something in a totally different way. 

ROI (Return On Investment)
You don’t base your choices and decisions on how much money or time is involved. You begin to train yourself in seeing and understanding the true value of what you are gaining and the transformation or power this investment will have on your life right now as well as how it will add, impact, or take away from your life in the next 10-20 years.

I have many times learned and transformed my mind, my health, my business  and my life from nuggets I gained in a $15 book. More transformation has taken place in $100 worth of books than what I received from my $80,000 college education. 

Now that won’t be true for everyone, but the point is there are many ways to invest and what you are looking for is the wisdom, the nugget, the experience, “the piece”  that gives you what you personally and individually need next to succeed, to expand or to move into a higher quality of living.

I find it pretty darn interesting that many people I know won’t invest in a book that they feel will help them until it comes out in paperback or until they can check it out at the library or borrow from a friend.

I think that’s freaking crazy. I mean seriously?  Did you eat out this week?  Did you have a few drinks? Do you have cable TV?    Aren’t you worth more than that? Aren’t your dreams worth more?  You are and they are. Trust me on that!

Where is your life right now? 
Your “life account” is a reflection of where you have invested and how well you have invested over the last 5, 10, 20+ years. Don’t like it?  Then start today with determining what is important and investing in those things.   Some will be immediate returns and some will grow over time.

 You may need to:

·        Buy a book

·        Get more sleep

·        Hire a personal trainer

·        Hire a life coach or biz consultant

·        Take a class

·        Take a trip

·        Leave a relationship

·        Commit to personal development

·        Develop a spiritual practice

·        Give yourself permission to live the life you really want

Where do you need to invest to get the greatest ROI in living an extraordinary life? You get to decide.

**Feel free to comment below about how you invest in yourself and be sure to share with any friends who might enjoy a little “investment” advice.**

Here’s to rock solid returns!

Hollie “NVST N U” Flynn

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