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The Tipping Point: When Too Many Greats Become Not So Good. | Hollie Flynn

The Tipping Point: When Too Many Greats Become Not So Good.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Confused? Muddled? Even though a lot in your life is good. Some of it really good.

I get it.

You know, I’ve been on a “simplicity journey” over the last year or so. I sold 3 fitness centers, closed 1 vacation rental business and sold a 2nd home in sunny St. Pete.

I also went on a crazy purge of “stuff”… I took Jeep-fuls to Goodwill, sold things on Craigslist, closed accounts, cut off phone lines and cable, and unsubscribed to pretty much everything. I even had a burning ceremony in my backyard getting rid of financial docs, cards, photos, and other personal mementos. Anything physical, mental, or emotional that felt heavy or like a distraction went.

It felt so freaking good. So much that a few times I feared I might not know where to stop with the simplicity pursuit. It turns out I did know. I actually felt when the Tipping stopped.

So…distractions from what you ask? Good question.

Distractions from expressing my true purpose + living it full out. I learned great things, can keep us from the EXTRAORDINARY things we are meant to do. I learned we can’t do it all. And better yet, there is no reason to.

Because in reality great + great + great + great + great = good (at best!).
Most of the time it = overwhelmed, stressed, confused, flat, unsure, divided, distracted, less joy.
Somewhere along the way too many GREATS tip into TOO MUCH.

So…a question for you…

Would you recognize your Tipping Point?

When was the last time you really stopped, reflected, and assessed your goals, your “forward” direction, your life? Kind of checked in on your WHYs and your WHAT’S IT ALL FORs? Does everything feel good and right? Or does it no longer make sense or feel too much?

Sometimes a Tipping Point can sneak up on us or we simply evolve and it’s time to recognize what was great no longer is and it’s time to let go. And that it’s OK to let go.

Sometimes it takes letting go of a lot of great things, ideas, projects, businesses, and even people to experience less, but more extraordinary ones.

Sometimes you have to do less + have less to BE more.

To be more rejuvenated.
To be more rested.

To be more focused.
To be more powerful.

To be more expansive.
To be more creative.

To be more loving.
To be more joyous.

To be more passionate.
To be more purposeful.

To be more YOU.

Here’s to Tipping in the direction of your happiest, healthiest, and most extraordinary life!

You deserve it!


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