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Man, This One Question Stumps Me Every Summer! | Hollie Flynn

Man, This One Question Stumps Me Every Summer!

And it is a perfectly normal summertime question!

But it drives me nuts.  I hate when someone asks me a question
and my response is, “um…well…yeah…I guess…I mean…
I’m sure I will….ummm…”

Really? Come on Hollie, get it together.

Make up the answer. Script it.  Craft an elevator speech for it.
Or for the love of everything holy, for this question just say
“YES!” and let it be over with.

This is the question that tortures me:
So are you going on a vacation this summer?
So freaking simple, right?  But it confuses me. Usually
I’m good at thinking fast but I always stumble over this one.


1. I’ve been an entrepreneur working from home for the last
14 years. I’m my own boss. So I just say, “Hey Hollie, you
want next week off? Cool, you got it.”

2. I’m spontaneous as hell. So I don’t plan ahead. I always
take “vacations,” trips, days off, or go on an adventure with
little notice. It’s based on when the mood strikes. So unless
it’s 1-5 days out, I really can’t say.

3. Every day feels like a vacation (OK well, not EVERY day).
But on a whole the way my life and days are set up there is no
difference between a day or evening, a mid-day or a weekend,
or a vacation to real life.

All that leaves me with the oh-so inspiring “um, yeah,
I’m sure I will….” answer.

Like I said, I should just respond with “YES! Beach
trip sometime in July!”

But no, instead my soul starts pondering why we
live like we do.  Why do we save our best days to
just a week or two a year?

Why do we have lives we need to vacate?

Hey, I do get why vacations are important and it’s cool
to travel with friends and family. But what I’m really
talking about are the masses who live for vacation days
whether it is time off on the weekends or the one to
two weeks or so off a year.

Not everyone can be their own boss (or would want to
be for that matter!). However, I do believe a far too great
a number of folks are miserable in their work, and are
living for the weekends and time off. And that my friend
needs to change.

So…are you living for time off, or loving living
every day of your life?

3 Things to Decide, Consider, and Get into Inspired Action with:

1. Do you love your work?  If not consider finding new work
(even if it pays less) or starting your own business. It’s pretty
impossible to love life while dreading 40 hours of it each week.
Start exploring options. Start exploring what your world would
look like if you loved your work?

2. Are you incorporating something you love into every day?
Do you wake up feeling excited?  A group run, a sweet mountain
bike, a workout, a great meal, a juicy conversation, a lunchtime
adventure, a fantastic movie, a massage. Incorporate more fun, rest,
and adventure into each and every day.

3. Decide NOT to accept that this is just how it has to be (It doesn’t!).
You may not have all the answers now, but do start lowering your
tolerance to what you will allow yourself to “live with”…

 and…day to day inspired living beats any vacation any time!

I say do both, but definitely “book” the inspired living
trip…it’ll last a lifetime!

Here’s to spark, sunscreen, and living like you mean it!


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