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I believe this word is one of the ickiest in the human experience! | Hollie Flynn

I believe this word is one of the ickiest in the human experience!

It’s like monsoon season here. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s affecting my mood a bit. Some days it feels
downright depressing and I am fighting the urge to not jump in my vehicle and
drive south until I see sun. Drive somewhere until I see sun!

And I’ve been wondering if I made a mistake this past April in selling my
“get-a-way” house in sunny St. Pete. Dang it! It sure would be nice about now.

You know what my least favorite word, feeling, experience is?  REGRET

I’m OK with fear. I’m OK with pain. But regret…Yikes!  No thank you!

Fear and pain we can at least feel it had something to do with someone or something
outside ourselves. But regret? Regret is on us, right?  It implies we had the power to
do something or not to do something. To decide. To choose. And if we choose
incorrectly…we could be left with the oh-so icky REGRET.

I think that is what fear of failure is all about. It’s not failing itself. It’s not
embarrassment. It’s the knowing, the facing up to that you made a decision
that didn’t work out. Oh, if only….. REGRET.

But you know what?  It really comes down to this. OK, I’m going to get heavy
on you for a minute (blame the rain!). I’d rather choose a million things and screw
them up or wish I’d done something differently than to reach the end of my life and
ask, “What if? What if I’d only…”.

Just for a moment, imagine your life is coming to an end. This is it.  Glance back
over your life so far. What are three things you wished you would have done,
tried, said, experienced, allowed, ____________________ (you fill in the blank).

What 3 things would you regret if you don’t do them?

Is there anything you can do now?  Is it too late? 

1.  I’d be pretty bummed if I didn’t complete and publish the 2 books that are in
my heart and half scattered over my desk and computer. I’m on a mission to bust
the status quo, impact the world, and most importantly leave some wise stuff
for my daughter.

2.  I’d wish that I would’ve got my running back up and experienced some
pretty cool 50ks and Ultra runs (that’s 32 miles and up friend!).  Run, run, run
and feel, feel, feel.

3.  And I’d surely ask, “Why didn’t I book the freaking biking trip in Italy?!”

Oh, and let’s add a 4th (by the way, don’t stop at 3! if you got more, write ’em! Do ’em!).

4.  I would most certainly of wished I’d been more patient, present, loving, and
more wonderful with my daughter. (I’m getting on that one today!)

OK, now your turn.

Here’s to both of us living and loving full out!  No regrets.

Feel free to share a thought or comment below!  Or let me know if you want to take
a road trip with me!  🙂

Spark & Sunshine!

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