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EPIC Pursuits | Hollie Flynn

EPIC Pursuits

EPIC pursuits must follow these 4 criteria. They must be:        spark_logo_circle_small

Inspiring, and
Completely aligned

Here’s a sampling of some of my EPIC pursuits and adventures.  The only thing special about any of these is the mindset behind them.  A mindset you can develop. Not to go after anything on my list. But so you can pursue what makes your heart beat faster with much success!  And a crazy amount of fun!


::  I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1998 when I opened my first fitness center at the age of 26.
::  I’ve owned and operated multiple businesses in the last 15+ years: 3 fitness centers,1 adventure company, 1 vacation rental biz w/ a wellness twist, and 1 personal development/coaching company
:: $740,000 highest annual revenue generated
:: Cool fact: the $740k was generated working approximately 10-20  hours a week
:: All of my businesses have been passion projects
:: One of my strongest gifts in helping clients with their own business is connecting dots and identifying  their EPIC Genius…the place where passions + gifts + strengths + experiences align and merge to create a powerful opportunity for right livelihood, purposeful work, kick ass businesses, and impact in the world.
:: Author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess: A Girl’s Guide: How to Go from Surviving to Thriving for 20-Somethings (really for all of us!)


EPIC Wellness + Adventure

:: Longest bike ride: 104 miles
:: Longest trail run: 32 miles
:: Longest race:  36 Hour Adventure Race (mountain biking, trail running, trekking, paddling, all by map and compass, carrying all food and water, no sleep!)
:: Certified Holistic Wellness Coach (IIN – Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
:: Certified TRX Instructor
:: Owned 3 Fitness + Weight Loss Centers for 14 years
:: In my late teens/early 20s I was 45 pounds overweight  — lost it and have kept it off ever since (this was my first and only “credential” when I opened my first fitness center at 26)
:: Complete foodie and self proclaimed chef. Known for whipping up crazy good and nutritious meals in under 10 minutes flat (also know for trashing kitchens in same 10 minutes)
:: Co-owned Odyssey Adventure Racing 2005 – July 2015 (OARevents.com)
This cool company put on over 283 (and counting) endurance competitions like marathons, ultras, Off-Road Iron distance events, 12 hour to 6 DAY Adventure Races. It also provides performance and adventure training for athletes.

EPIC Living

:: Created my first ” life design blueprint” when I was 16
:: Psychology Degree
:: Have been turning my passions into profit since 26
:: I always design my life first, then my livelihood
:: I have spent 20+ years of intensive studies in the areas of positive psychology, personal development, optimal wellness, success principles, Universal law, spirituality, and entrepreneurship.


Do you want more EPIC in your life?  I offer transformational 1:1 work in two powerful ways:

Private 6 Month Mentorship

EPIC Genius VIP Immersion