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15 Things You Might Not Know About Me | Hollie Flynn

15 Things You Might Not Know About Me


Things you might not know about me:

1. Favorite foods: kale and avocados (OK, so you might have known that one!)

2. My household contains 1 spirited daughter, and our two cats, Yin and Yang.

3. I’ve had a crush on Tom Hanks since I was 16.

4. I drink like a man, preferring Stouts, Bourbons & Scotch (neat). Often bartenders hand my drink to my date. This can’t be good.

5. I once flew to a city I’d never been — researched and explored it like crazy on day 1 and 2 and bought a house on day 3.

6. I’m an introvert.

7. I tend to buy new bikes over new cars, although I recently bought a BMW X5 and I must say…I freaking love it.

8. Most people think I’m driven for business and making money. I’m actually only driven by creativity, adventure, and FREEDOM. Oh, and love.

9. I make extremely fast purchasing decisions- whether it’s $1, $11,000, or $300,000…I usually know what I’ll do within seconds or minutes.

10. Favorite music:  Big Band

11. I often dream of living in the 1920s.

12. I have a minor in Criminal Justice (just in case!).

13. My most aligned + passionate dream is to be an international best-selling author who illuminates, impacts, and transforms lives.

14. My intuition says, I will be living in Southern France within the next 5 years
—of course I’ve never visited.

15. I’m trying to reach a goal of 3 sets of 50 good form push ups (last time I could do this was 12 years ago). I’m currently at 3 sets of 30.  Stay tuned!

August 2014   Push-up Update: I did 308 push-ups in a 20 minute push-up contest (yes I know, how does  a 43 year old woman get into a push-up contest. Long story, but tequila was involved!)

I haven’t hit 3 sets of 50.   My first set in the contest was 50, then most from there were 30. Some 20s at the end.


Now Tell Me About You!

Guess what?  People hardly ever will do this.  It’s ok, I mean it. Seriously, be brave…shoot me an email and tell me at least 3 interesting things about you. I personally read every email.    You can reach me at  Hollie@SparkYourEpicLife.com.