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Right Mentor? | Hollie Flynn

Right Mentor?

Am I the right Mentor & Guide for you?DSC_6683 - Copy

I thrive on living my passions and experiencing awesome adventures in life.  Nothing is more thrilling to me than creating and living full out and there is nothing more fulfilling to me than helping others do the same. I believe with all my heart this is why we are each here…to live our passions, our most fully expressed selves FULL OUT.  This is the illumination and inspiration the world needs.  Live the change.

I want to share with you a quick and dirty list of some of things I’ve accomplished and experienced. My goal in sharing this is not to impress you, it is to help you understand who I am and that I’m diverse in the areas that I believe have the strongest power to create extraordinary results and transformation in our lives.  I like to dig deep and I love EPIC pursuits.  My approach to life and mentorship is full out, holistic and integrated.

“Experts” have advised me that I should pick one area to become an “expert” in. I can’t do that.

One, because I’m a rebel.
Two, I don’t care about being seen as an expert.  I care about results, transformation,and radical authenticity.
Three: EVERY area of our lives affects every other area.  Our wellness, our work, our personal lives — our mind, body, spirit  are not separate. A holistic life and lifestyle design approach is the only way to truly succeed at EPIC living.

I love pushing limits in all areas of life. I love breaking rules. I love taking risks. I love being smart and strategic about those risks. I love studying and incorporating principles of high performance, optimal wellness, and Universal law in order to achieve some pretty cool things in life.  (See lists below).

I seek experiences and  wisdom that will transform my life (and yours) in the most extraordinary ways. That’s why I’m here…to connect the dots to what I believe are some of the most powerful agents of transformation:  High Performance, Positive Psychology, Optimal Wellness, The Entrepreneur Mindset, Life Purpose, Success Principles, and Universal Law.

This is not about duplicating any of my results or life experiences (unless they are what you truly desire), it is about teaching you how to create your vision based on the very uniqueness of you, and sharing certain power principles, laws, and practices to spark, create, and live your most extraordinary life. And do it faster than I have!

Some of my EPIC (Extraordinary, Passion-filled, Inspiring, and Completely me!) pursuits & adventures have included:


  •  I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1998 when I opened my first fitness center at the age of 26.
  • I’ve incorporated many businesses
    3 fitness centers
    1 adventure company
    1 vacation rental biz w/ a wellness twist
    1 personal development/coaching company
  • $740,000 highest revenue one company earned in 1 year
  • The really cool part: the $740k was earned working approximately 10-15 hours a week
  • All of my businesses have been passion projects
  • One of my strongest gifts is seeing the highest potential in people and  identifying  their EPIC Money Spot…the place where passions + gifts + strengths + experiences align and merge to create a powerful opportunity for right livelihood, purposeful work, kick ass businesses, and impact in the world
  • Published Author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess: A Girl’s Guide: How to Go form Surviving to Thriving for 20-Somethings (really for ALL of us).

EPIC Wellness + Adventure

  • Longest bike ride: 104 miles
  • Longest trail run: 32 miles
  • Longest race:  36 Hour Adventure Race (mountain biking, trail running, trekking, paddling, all by map and compass, carrying all food and water, no sleep!)
  • Certified Holistic Wellness Coach (IIN – Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
  • Certified TRX Instructor
  • Owned 3 Fitness + Weight Loss Centers for 14 years
  • In my late teens/early 20s I was 45 pounds overweight  — lost it and have kept it off ever since (this was my first and only “credential” when I opened my first fitness center at 26)
  • Complete foodie and self proclaimed chef. Known for whipping up crazy good and nutritious meals in under 10 minutes flat (also know for trashing kitchens in same 10 minutes)
  • Co-own Odyssey Adventure Racing 2005 – July 2015 (OARevents.com)
    We’ve put on over 283 (and counting) endurance competitions like marathons, ultras, Off-Road Iron distance events, 12 hour to 6 DAY Adventure Races. We provide performance and adventure training for athletes.  As well as customized outdoor adventure excursions.

EPIC Living

  • Created my first ” life design blueprint” when I was 16
  • Psychology Degree
  • Have been turning my passions into profit since 26
  • I always design my life first, then my livelihood
  • I have spent over two decades of intensive studies in the areas of positive psychology, personal development, optimal wellness, success principles, Universal law, spirituality, and entrepreneurship.
  • Every morning I ask myself, “Do I love my life? Is every area extraordinary?  Am I fulfilled? Is my work meaningful? Am I loving and living full out? Am I realizing my fullest potential?”  All this before coffee!  And I answer and if any answer comes up as NO, then I get to work (after coffee of course!)

The bottom line is I live my passions full out.  They are always evolving, I am always evolving.  There is no limit to what I can accomplish and who I can become. I find that exciting. I find that to be THE adventure of a lifetime.

It’s true for you too. Life is too short not to go for it, full out, each and every day!

Spark Your Epic Life!  It’s your time!