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I Resolve to Create Crazy Goodness, to Screw Logic, and to Be Amazed | Hollie Flynn

I Resolve to Create Crazy Goodness, to Screw Logic, and to Be Amazed

Honestly, “resolution talk” bores me.  So how about we just dig into some powerful stuff that creates crazy goodness in your life.

What I love is you can start a “new year” any day you want, any minute you want. Anytime you find yourself wanting to kick things up a bit and bring some great things your way, you can follow this process.

Here is some Crazy Goodness Homework: 

Exercise 1    Your Year in Review

  1. Take 20-30 minutes.  Think about the past year…work, business, family, relationships, health, fitness, finance, travel, adventure, learning…cover any and all areas that are significant in your life.
  2. If you had a list of goals, resolutions, or journal entry from last year bring it out.  Maybe you just have mental notes and remember what you wanted for the year.  Evaluate.  Where were you then? Where are you now? What went well?  What didn’t?
  3. Now write down everything you can think of that you accomplished, did well, experienced, and  learned from. We tend to forget how much we REALLY did do.  Acknowledge it. Honor it. Celebrate it. Cause you’re pretty awesome!
  4. Now write down what you absolutely want less of and what you absolutely want more of.
  5. Give thanks.  Seriously.  Say a prayer, a blessing, or just speak some words of gratitude.  There is extraordinary power in pausing, breathing, acknowledging, and giving gratitude. This is closure for what was and a welcoming in of the crazy goodness to come.

Exercise 2   Pick a Word or Theme

  1.  What resonates with you most strongly?  How are you feeling right now?  What do you most desire to feel?  Does a word or phrase pop to mind?  And know this, it may not even make sense to you right now.  It doesn’t have to.  But it does typically feel strong, right, and good.
  2. For some of you it might be a single word, for others it might be a phrase.  For me it’s usually a couple of words that become like a mantra.  In 2012, mine was “Simplify Life, Magnify Living”. And holy cow it was powerful.  And it grew and deepened as the year unfolded in ways I could never have planned or scripted.

Chances are if you think about the upcoming year in terms of your word or your theme, instead of a bullet point list of things you think you should be doing, it actually keeps you moving forward with endless possibilities, a greater sense of fulfillment, and honestly, it’s just a lot more “right on” to guiding you to your best self, your best life.

For example, those folks who might normally write “go to the gym everyday” as a resolution might dig deeper and choose a word or theme like: Confidence, Energy, or Radiant Vitality.

 3. Write down your word or theme.  Writing it down is powerful.  It’s like calling in a million awesome ways this could play out.

Exercise 3   The List

  1. The list is there to start you on the journey with some action steps.  Write specific things that you know right now would move you in the direction of or support your word or theme. Shoot for 10-20 things.
  2. Do not shoot for perfection.   The goal is to continually move toward the direction of your theme, your desired goal and feeling.
  3. Do write things that seem out of reach.  These are the things you really want, but don’t see any way they could actually happen.  Screw logic and rational thought.  And prepare to be amazed.

One thing I had on my 2012 list was to sell my vacation home in St. Pete, FL.  My year was pretty busy with other “Simplifying Life, Magnifying Living” tasks, so this one kind of fell under the radar screen.  I pulled my list out on December  1, and was like, “hmmm, yeah not likely to get that one done”.  My logical side was kicking in, and saying things like, “By the time you find a realtor and list it, you’ll only have a two week window to find a buyer before the house is completely booked with guests until April”.  I decided to screw logic and realistic planning and put into action the things I could and leave the details to the Universe.   I listed it and got an offer in one week.   This stuff actually happens a lot to me.  Logic and being “realistic” has its place to keep us from dying, but serves us very little after that point.  Remember that.  It’s an important component of a “crazy good” life.

Exercise 4    What Now?

  1. Post this baby (your word or theme) where you will see it every day.  You want to see it, read it, feel it, and let it run through your mind often.
  2. You’ll want to be aware of your list and start doing some of the things.  Pick a couple at a time and get into some action.  Some things you’ll do easily.  Others will drop away.  And others will simply be doors to the real magic.
  3. The coolest thing is whenever you are faced with a question, an opportunity, or a decision to make, you can simply ask, “does this support my word or theme or take me further from it”?

 Think of your word or theme as your guidepost for this year.  It’s what your soul most desires at this time.  It is there to ground you, guide you, and to stir up some crazy goodness in the Universe.

Do you already know your word or theme?  Feel free to share.  We can all give it some collective love and mojo.  If you’ve never done this before, I would love for some folks to take this on as an experiment and report back at year’s end.

 With love & crazy goodness!

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