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How to Recognize “Duds” in Your Life! | Hollie Flynn

How to Recognize “Duds” in Your Life!

Over the weekend we had a pretty lengthy firework
show from our neighbors. It included
some pretty
cool explosions of sparkle, and it also included quite
a few duds.

I just like that word:  Dud

I like this definition too: something which is useless, does not work etc.

And, I started thinking…do I have any “duds” in my life?  Do you?

You know…things, activities and even people that are, if we are really honest,
just kind of useless, do not really work for us, but yet we keep them around?

They don’t really seem to hurt anything, right?  It’s just more that they don’t
really add any sizzle, sparkle, energy or great value to our life either. Hmmm…

But are duds actually harmless? I think we treat them just like a firework show.
We have high hopes. We hold anticipation that the thing or person will all of a
show its greatness. We’ll be dazzled.

But nope, it’s still a dud.

I kind of think duds are dangerous. They take up room and energy. They take
the spot and space of something that would serve us much better, and actually
delight us!

Duds can be disguised as shiny great objects and can sometimes be sneaky to sniff out,
but if you are honest you will see they can reveal themselves as:

1. parties, invitations that are just not you

2. clothes that don’t work for you

3. just stuff…extra clutter

4. the fancy gizmo you bought that you keep because it cost a lot of money,
but in reality it really just makes your brain hurt

5. the “good” job that is paying the bills but draining your soul

6. the partner that is down more than up, takes more energy than they bring

7. negative self talk, negative people

All DUDS!!!

How much better would your firework show of life
be if you removed these “duds” from the line-up?

How would your life look if you said “no” more often, did only the things that
made your heart soar, allowed only positive people in your inner circle, ended
relationships that drained, donated all the “stuff” to a charity…. would you feel
lighter, happier? Would you have more energy, more joy?

Yeah, me too. It might be time for another round of soul searching + dud-
busting.  What do you think?

Wishing you a bright, sparkly, heart soaring, flying high kind of day life!

Love + Spark!


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