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How to Change Your Life this Summer… | Hollie Flynn

How to Change Your Life this Summer…

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Do you think change, going after big goals,or transforming your life has to take a lot of time?

The truth…all those things are way less about time and way more about focus and momentum. And guts.

You must have the courage to take the first step.  The courage to decide.

To decide YOU are worth it.

I’ve become a master of achieving BIG FEATS in short amounts of time. Of course, on my side is the fact that I lack patience of any kind and I’m naturally wired to cut-to-the chase, and get things done. When I want something, I want it. Like Now.

There is so much to learn and experience in life that we must be very careful not to let the years fly by without really living. Thinking and reflecting are fantastic things…I do both often. But THINKING about something and TALKING about it for years and never acting….not so fantastic.

Short periods of time have energy, momentum, and power that will never exist in longer periods or in drawn out processes.

In 30 days, 60 days, 90 days..


:: You feel incredible in your body. You’re fit and lean, you exude radiance and vitality. You feel a personal power and confidence you haven’t felt…in years, perhaps even decades. You have the energy to go after your dreams, climb that mountain (literally!), and you know your body is up for all the EPIC hiking, running, biking, travel and life adventures you dream of!

:: You love your work. You’re no longer stuck in a 9-5 that feels soul sucking. You have the confidence to start your own business and express your gifts into the world. You have freedom, flexibility and life on your terms. Or what if you simply went after that dream job and got it! What would it feel like to love Monday as much as Friday? To never again live for weekends and vacations because “everyday life” is really quite awesome.

:: If you knew your purpose.  What if for the first time ever you really knew YOU.  What if you understood what made you tick. What if you could weave together your values, passions, gifts, strengths, and life experiences and see clearly the masterpiece that is your life? The masterpiece that is you. How would if feel to find your place in this world. For everything to make sense.

If you could transform your life this summer, what would it look like? What would be incredibly meaningful to you? What would be life changing?

Some of my Summer transformations have included:

:: Losing 25 pounds and getting super fit.  (Summer 1991)

::  Getting my 5k time down from 25 minutes to my *PR of 21:45. (you 5kers know how hard it is to
shave time!)  (Summer 2001)

* I hit a new PR (21:44) last summer (2014)– 13 years later at the age of 43 (we can’t use age as an excuse!)

:: Deciding on May 30 to get married and then using the summer to work, plan, and pay for all of it myself. Married August 22.  (Summer 1992)

:: After almost 10 years….made the difficult and RIGHT decision to divorce. (Summer 2001)

:: Deciding to open my first fitness center in June and doing it by September.
(Summer 1998).

:: Deciding to open my 2nd fitness center in June of 1999 and doing it by September 1999.

:: Deciding to open my 3rd fitness center in June of 2000 and doing it by September 2000.

::  Selling all 3 of my fitness centers. (June 2012).

I don’t look at any of the above as good or bad but as all of these things being forward progress.  We can either bring in new to our life that improves and expands it or we can let go of things that no longer serve to improve, grow, and expand.

If we never do either we are just stagnant. We are living, moving beings…the less we move, grow, and expand in life, the more we die. It may not look that way on the outside, but on the inside we feel it.

How would you choose to transform this summer?

What would be the one thing that if you did it by summer’s end, you would look back on it
and say– “Wow! I’m so proud of myself.”  or “Whew! That so needed to happen.”  or “Holy
Moly that was epic!” — because it’s not too late.

If you could use an intuitive guide + life strategist on your side, I’d love to support and inspire you to live your greatest life.  Here’s how we can work together NOW (because NOW is always an excellent time).  YOUR Summer Adventure: 4 Week Maverick Mastermind.


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