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The question I get often + how to follow your dreams. | Hollie Flynn

The question I get often + how to follow your dreams.

The Question…..
I’ve been asked this question 3 times in the last several weeks and many times
throughout my life. Wait, it’s not really a question, it’s more of a statement with
a chuckle.

 It goes like this:
I’m in a conversation (it can be about various things) and the person stops and
says, “Soooo you JUST kind of decide what you want and go for it!?” (And this is
usually accompanied with a laugh…you know, not like it’s funny, but a “disbelief”
kind of chuckle.)

Me: “Um…well yeah.”  (Thinking: Doesn’t everyone?!?)

Guess what?  They don’t. I’ve been digging a little bit on this one…and research
indicates that on average about only 3% of folks follow their dreams. WTF???
Really?!  Heart attack here! Or at least heartbreak!

Why is that?  And forget dreams. It is all so true about goals and desires that aren’t
what we would consider “lofty dream” stuff.

It seems more folks tend to be in reaction mode waiting for outside circumstances
to direct them to their next course of action.  Why aren’t more people staking a
claim for what they want and going for it?

I believe it’s due to one or more of the following:

1.  They don’t know what they want. (Holy cow!)

2.  They do not believe it is possible. (Sad!)

3.   Believe it is possible but not possible for them (a.k.a. lack of belief in self).

That first one is all about lack of clarity. And it’s not rare. We have it due to
information overload, crazy busy schedules to maintain a lifestyle we’re not even
that jazzed about, and general programming from a very young age about what our
path is supposed to look like.

The second is about perspective. There are basically two groups of people.
The first group are folks who look for every reason why something will be hard,
nearly impossible and unlikely to be successful. While the second group of folks
out there are thinking – “Why not?” – and start building support for the goal or dream.
Which group are you in? Think it about it. It makes ALL the difference.

This third is about courage. It takes the courage to act to overcome self doubt.
We don’t build up confidence & self-esteem and then act. We gain confidence and
belief in self through action.  Action teaches us: I am capable. It is possible.
I can do this.  Have the courage to ACT!  Leap. Trust. You are more capable than
you know and the Universe has your back!

The moral of the story:
If you want more in your life or something different than what you are currently
experiencing then you have to ask yourself WHAT DO YOU WANT?  It sounds simple,
right?  But the truth is it is not being asked nearly enough.

It is OK to ask. It is OK to want it. It is OK not to have anyone’s permission. It is sooooo
OK if it is not the norm.  It is OK if it is crazy or feels crazy (even better if it is!).

Train Your Mind
Right now, think about something you really want. Next, write down 3 ideas of how
it would work, how you could accomplish it.  Brainstorm. Do you need a loan?  A friend?
A workout partner?  A book? A Google search? A babysitter?  A certification?

Take a step toward it. It can be small. The first step is the hardest. Just do it.
Don’t over think it. Don’t sit with it for too long. Just do it. Imperfect action is
where it’s at!  Consistent and imperfect action Baby!

Know this:  There isn’t too much magic, glamor, or mystique in following your dreams.
It’s pretty basic. 1) Know what you want  2) Sketch out a rough plan (ways to start)
3) Use courage to take your first step, then another….

So…go forth and dream + do!

Spark your most epic summer, your most extraordinary life!  I believe in you!

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