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Spark Note: How To Feel Better

SP5When you are not living your passions or your purpose you will at best feel bored, restless, and be in continual search for MORE…

If the gap deepens between your purpose and your current reality you may feel anger, bitterness, resentment, and/or depression.

At its worst, it can often look like addictions or chronic illness.

Every cell in your body knows whether you are happy or sad, or if you are living your soul mission. Pay attention to how you are feeling and let those feelings get your attention and guide you.

Those feelings and manifestations are letting you know just how far off course you are. You can course correct at any time.

Let yourself feel what you are feeling and use that powerful information to guide you back to living your passions, and your purpose.

Don’t buy into how life “should” look…that’s all man-made. It’s not real. Express what you want to express. Get in touch with how you really want to live. This is your ‘divine design’…

Live what lights you up.

Immense joy is on the other side.

With Love & Spark!

Who Are You Listening To?

Question: Who or what should you listen to and what should you trust?

Here’s the deal. You desire things that other people don’t. Period.  Sometimes when you ask people what they want, they often say “a million dollars in the bank” or more money. But if you dig deeper it’s actually much much more that they want.

Know that what interests you, what you love, what you dream about, what your idea of the perfect day is, or the perfect mate…are all very different from someone else’s idea. What you think would be the most awesome lifestyle, job or business….again all very unique to you.

Consider your desires to be Soul Sparks!  They are there to light your unique path.

Listen to your heart, trust your gut and THEN use your mind to strategize how to get what you truly desire.

Most people work it the other way, spending a ton of energy and “logic” to talk themselves out of their desires and dreams. So many folks spend so much energy building the case as to why their dreams and desires can’t happen, or why they aren’t supposed to happen.

This is so draining. This is exhausting.  And in all areas of the heart…logic is pretty darn useless.

People pride themselves in being realistic. Don’t.  Being realistic is a road to build other peoples’ dreams, not your own.

I encourage you to honor what you really want. To really practice trusting those desires. That means trusting yourself. Trusting yourself more than well-meaning loved ones, parents, your significant other, society at large, and yes, even me. 🙂 You know more than ANYONE about how to live your life.

So use your smarts (thinking) to create the life you really want, not to talk yourself out of it!  Your heart is telling you the truth. Your brain helps you to get it.

Trust your desires. They are why you are here.  This is how you will be the greatest service to others. So pay attention to your heart. You never know how many people are counting on you to do that very thing.

With love and total belief in you and your dreams!
Live Extraordinary!

I believe this word is one of the ickiest in the human experience!

It’s like monsoon season here. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s affecting my mood a bit. Some days it feels
downright depressing and I am fighting the urge to not jump in my vehicle and
drive south until I see sun. Drive somewhere until I see sun!

And I’ve been wondering if I made a mistake this past April in selling my
“get-a-way” house in sunny St. Pete. Dang it! It sure would be nice about now.

You know what my least favorite word, feeling, experience is?  REGRET

I’m OK with fear. I’m OK with pain. But regret…Yikes!  No thank you!

Fear and pain we can at least feel it had something to do with someone or something
outside ourselves. But regret? Regret is on us, right?  It implies we had the power to
do something or not to do something. To decide. To choose. And if we choose
incorrectly…we could be left with the oh-so icky REGRET.

I think that is what fear of failure is all about. It’s not failing itself. It’s not
embarrassment. It’s the knowing, the facing up to that you made a decision
that didn’t work out. Oh, if only….. REGRET.

But you know what?  It really comes down to this. OK, I’m going to get heavy
on you for a minute (blame the rain!). I’d rather choose a million things and screw
them up or wish I’d done something differently than to reach the end of my life and
ask, “What if? What if I’d only…”.

Just for a moment, imagine your life is coming to an end. This is it.  Glance back
over your life so far. What are three things you wished you would have done,
tried, said, experienced, allowed, ____________________ (you fill in the blank).

What 3 things would you regret if you don’t do them?

Is there anything you can do now?  Is it too late? 

1.  I’d be pretty bummed if I didn’t complete and publish the 2 books that are in
my heart and half scattered over my desk and computer. I’m on a mission to bust
the status quo, impact the world, and most importantly leave some wise stuff
for my daughter.

2.  I’d wish that I would’ve got my running back up and experienced some
pretty cool 50ks and Ultra runs (that’s 32 miles and up friend!).  Run, run, run
and feel, feel, feel.

3.  And I’d surely ask, “Why didn’t I book the freaking biking trip in Italy?!”

Oh, and let’s add a 4th (by the way, don’t stop at 3! if you got more, write ’em! Do ’em!).

4.  I would most certainly of wished I’d been more patient, present, loving, and
more wonderful with my daughter. (I’m getting on that one today!)

OK, now your turn.

Here’s to both of us living and loving full out!  No regrets.

Feel free to share a thought or comment below!  Or let me know if you want to take
a road trip with me!  🙂

Spark & Sunshine!

How to Recognize “Duds” in Your Life!

Over the weekend we had a pretty lengthy firework
show from our neighbors. It included
some pretty
cool explosions of sparkle, and it also included quite
a few duds.

I just like that word:  Dud

I like this definition too: something which is useless, does not work etc.

And, I started thinking…do I have any “duds” in my life?  Do you?

You know…things, activities and even people that are, if we are really honest,
just kind of useless, do not really work for us, but yet we keep them around?

They don’t really seem to hurt anything, right?  It’s just more that they don’t
really add any sizzle, sparkle, energy or great value to our life either. Hmmm…

But are duds actually harmless? I think we treat them just like a firework show.
We have high hopes. We hold anticipation that the thing or person will all of a
show its greatness. We’ll be dazzled.

But nope, it’s still a dud.

I kind of think duds are dangerous. They take up room and energy. They take
the spot and space of something that would serve us much better, and actually
delight us!

Duds can be disguised as shiny great objects and can sometimes be sneaky to sniff out,
but if you are honest you will see they can reveal themselves as:

1. parties, invitations that are just not you

2. clothes that don’t work for you

3. just stuff…extra clutter

4. the fancy gizmo you bought that you keep because it cost a lot of money,
but in reality it really just makes your brain hurt

5. the “good” job that is paying the bills but draining your soul

6. the partner that is down more than up, takes more energy than they bring

7. negative self talk, negative people

All DUDS!!!

How much better would your firework show of life
be if you removed these “duds” from the line-up?

How would your life look if you said “no” more often, did only the things that
made your heart soar, allowed only positive people in your inner circle, ended
relationships that drained, donated all the “stuff” to a charity…. would you feel
lighter, happier? Would you have more energy, more joy?

Yeah, me too. It might be time for another round of soul searching + dud-
busting.  What do you think?

Wishing you a bright, sparkly, heart soaring, flying high kind of day life!

Love + Spark!


Want to change your life? Do you do this one thing?

NVST N U – Solve this license plate and you’ll solve the pathway to exponential growth + success in every area of life. 

So this was my tag from 1999 – present. I’m getting ready to retire it and move on to a new tag that represents what I’m digging now in life.  Hint: this next one will be easy to read, but epic to incorporate into life!

So…for over a decade this tag and tagline has been my philosophy and core operating principle. It changed my life.

NVST N U.  It was always fun to see who could get it, who really struggled, and who never could figure it out.  Most interesting were the ones who figured out the words but not the meaning.

 Invest in YOU.  Did you get it?  Do you do it?

There is no greater investment or return on investment on this planet than Investing in YOU – in your mindset, in your health, in your personal development, in your business, and in gaining certain experiences and knowledge. 

In my early twenties, I was fortunate to understand the power and the necessity of investing in myself. And it’s something I easily and continually do over and over again. It is the key to my success. Well that, and I have a very low tolerance for a boring ass life.  

So when you start investing in yourself, it means you begin to evaluate  purchases, experiences, wellness, and ways to learn something or grow something in a totally different way. 

ROI (Return On Investment)
You don’t base your choices and decisions on how much money or time is involved. You begin to train yourself in seeing and understanding the true value of what you are gaining and the transformation or power this investment will have on your life right now as well as how it will add, impact, or take away from your life in the next 10-20 years.

I have many times learned and transformed my mind, my health, my business  and my life from nuggets I gained in a $15 book. More transformation has taken place in $100 worth of books than what I received from my $80,000 college education. 

Now that won’t be true for everyone, but the point is there are many ways to invest and what you are looking for is the wisdom, the nugget, the experience, “the piece”  that gives you what you personally and individually need next to succeed, to expand or to move into a higher quality of living.

I find it pretty darn interesting that many people I know won’t invest in a book that they feel will help them until it comes out in paperback or until they can check it out at the library or borrow from a friend.

I think that’s freaking crazy. I mean seriously?  Did you eat out this week?  Did you have a few drinks? Do you have cable TV?    Aren’t you worth more than that? Aren’t your dreams worth more?  You are and they are. Trust me on that!

Where is your life right now? 
Your “life account” is a reflection of where you have invested and how well you have invested over the last 5, 10, 20+ years. Don’t like it?  Then start today with determining what is important and investing in those things.   Some will be immediate returns and some will grow over time.

 You may need to:

·        Buy a book

·        Get more sleep

·        Hire a personal trainer

·        Hire a life coach or biz consultant

·        Take a class

·        Take a trip

·        Leave a relationship

·        Commit to personal development

·        Develop a spiritual practice

·        Give yourself permission to live the life you really want

Where do you need to invest to get the greatest ROI in living an extraordinary life? You get to decide.

**Feel free to comment below about how you invest in yourself and be sure to share with any friends who might enjoy a little “investment” advice.**

Here’s to rock solid returns!

Hollie “NVST N U” Flynn

Trusting Your Passions, Even When Others Don’t

  (5 Strategies + Some Love to Support You)

  This post was inspired by one of my readers.
And know this, I believe in YOU 100% percent.

To live an EPIC life, a life that is made up of what you love, what excites you, what makes you want to jump out of bed, and what brings great depth and meaning to your days requires great passion. Passion is the fuel for our dreams.

What we are passionate about holds the keys to our most EPIC lives.  Lives that are extraordinary, passion-filled, inspiring (to ourselves + others), and they feel “completely you” (in alignment with your greatest values!).

You MUST trust your passions. You must keep taking steps, even if small, to create the life you deeply desire.  It won’t go away. This feeling you have. Your dreams. This restlessness. This desire for more

Maybe it’s MORE:
Financial freedom, Creativity, Soul experiences, Impact in the world, Meaning, Freedom, Aliveness, Play.

Whatever it is you’re thinking, what you’re wanting – It is right for you! The question isn’t about whether it is or isn’t, or whether you should or shouldn’t, it’s about “how do I” and especially how do you when:

1. You’re broke.
2. Tired and overwhelmed.
3. Feel too much responsibility to maintain your current life.
4. Do not have support of significant other or family.
5. Are confused about exactly what you should be doing.

But you know there is MORE. You are meant for more. You’re searching. But you’re also doubting. And your current environment supports the doubting.

How do you handle it? How can you keep leaning into your dreams when you feel you do not have support from any corner?

Here are 5 Strategies + Love to Support You:

  1. Read 30 minutes to 1 hour a Day of Positive Content!
    This may sound crazy or not truly significant, but I promise if you do this daily for even a few months, your life will never be the same. Ideally, 30 minutes in the AM when you wake, and 30 minutes before you go to sleep at night. If you can’t do 30, do 15. Do whatever you can, but commit to this practice EVERY AM and PM.Let your books become your best friends and greatest sources of inspiration.I began doing this in my early twenties and can tell you it was the single most powerful factor in propelling me toward a life of success, financial abundance, and freedom. These books will lift your spirit, increase your belief in your dreams, and your belief in YOU!  They will reveal the wisdom of the ages and Universal truths to success.  They will inspire and empower you to go after your dreams.

  2. Your Top 5
    Research indicates we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with in terms of what’s in our bank accounts and in terms of our attitudes and mindsets.Become a vigilant gatekeeper to those you choose to hang out with or allow into your environment. It matters. Surround yourself with like minded folks who believe in you and who are also up to exciting things in life. You might have outgrown your friends/family and haven’t yet connected with your “new family”…don’t worry this is temporary. It can feel lonely and like “what’s wrong with me,” but trust you are stretching and growing into the person you need to become to create what you want to create. Stop trying to get others to “get you” or to be on board with your dreams. This can be so draining, frustrating, and depressing. Save your energy. Put it toward your dreams. Your responsibility is to live your passions, your best life…this is the BEST way to help those you care about. This is the best way to ensure long term success and happiness for yourself and your family. 

    This #2 is probably the hardest one. I get it. Just keep reading what is here and let it support you and know you are not alone.

  3. Find Mentors and/or Online Groups.
    It’s so easy with today’s online world to connect to the best of the best. Search out mentors or groups online. Let yourself see and experience those who are thriving, living their passions, and creating their own realities. These are the folks you want to follow and “surround” yourself with.  Let these mentors and groups be your support team. It is powerful.

  4. Stay Connected Here
    I believe in you. My mission is to help illuminate + guide others in sparking, creating, and living their most awesome lives. You ended up here because you believe your most awesome life is possible. Even if sometimes you feel a bit lost or overwhelmed.  My role is to shine the light so you can see your unique path. I’m honored to support you. Stay connected!

  5. Pick One Passion
    What topic or activity are you most drawn to right now? Don’t try to figure out your entire life today. It’s tempting, I know!  Simply think about what you truly enjoy. What is one activity that you absolutely love or a topic you find so intriguing you just can’t stop reading or studying it?  These are the things that when you are engaged in you feel “right,” you forget to eat, you feel a natural flow, and the rest of the world seems to drop away. It can be something simple, but you feel pure joy in it.Don’t try to analyze your passions or try to figure out how you can make money from them (yet). Too much pressure in that. Today pick one passion for the love and joy of it and do it! Ride your bike, rebuild your bike, cook an awesome meal, tinker, sketch out a design, read, write a little, build something, take apart something, order a book on the topic.Identify one passion, then take one action toward engaging in it today. Notice how it feels. Does this first little action spark inspiration or naturally lead you to take another step? Get into action daily with this passion or interest. Dots will begin to connect. Doors and opportunities will begin to open. You will meet certain people at certain times. You will notice things online that escaped you before.

 Magic begins to happen when you take action. 
(Small, consistent, imperfect action!)

 To wrap this baby up…I know it was a long one.

Listen to your passions. They are guideposts to your most EPIC life. Trust them.  They are on target. They are your truth.  Let your passions and deep knowing that there is “more” for you, give you the fuel you need to keep moving forward despite anything else going on in your life.  Be proactive in getting support where you need it most.

I admire your courage. I admire your struggles. I admire your dreams.

And I believe in you!

“Passion is the emotional fuel that drives your vision. It’s what you hold on to when your ideas are challenged and people turn you down, when you are rejected by ‘experts’ and the people closest to you. It’s the fuel that keeps you going when there is no outside validation for your dream.”

                                                                             ~Bill Strickland, Social Innovator
                                                                       (from The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, by Carmine Gallo)

With Passion and Loads of Love + Support!


The Tipping Point: When Too Many Greats Become Not So Good.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Confused? Muddled? Even though a lot in your life is good. Some of it really good.

I get it.

You know, I’ve been on a “simplicity journey” over the last year or so. I sold 3 fitness centers, closed 1 vacation rental business and sold a 2nd home in sunny St. Pete.

I also went on a crazy purge of “stuff”… I took Jeep-fuls to Goodwill, sold things on Craigslist, closed accounts, cut off phone lines and cable, and unsubscribed to pretty much everything. I even had a burning ceremony in my backyard getting rid of financial docs, cards, photos, and other personal mementos. Anything physical, mental, or emotional that felt heavy or like a distraction went.

It felt so freaking good. So much that a few times I feared I might not know where to stop with the simplicity pursuit. It turns out I did know. I actually felt when the Tipping stopped.

So…distractions from what you ask? Good question.

Distractions from expressing my true purpose + living it full out. I learned great things, can keep us from the EXTRAORDINARY things we are meant to do. I learned we can’t do it all. And better yet, there is no reason to.

Because in reality great + great + great + great + great = good (at best!).
Most of the time it = overwhelmed, stressed, confused, flat, unsure, divided, distracted, less joy.
Somewhere along the way too many GREATS tip into TOO MUCH.

So…a question for you…

Would you recognize your Tipping Point?

When was the last time you really stopped, reflected, and assessed your goals, your “forward” direction, your life? Kind of checked in on your WHYs and your WHAT’S IT ALL FORs? Does everything feel good and right? Or does it no longer make sense or feel too much?

Sometimes a Tipping Point can sneak up on us or we simply evolve and it’s time to recognize what was great no longer is and it’s time to let go. And that it’s OK to let go.

Sometimes it takes letting go of a lot of great things, ideas, projects, businesses, and even people to experience less, but more extraordinary ones.

Sometimes you have to do less + have less to BE more.

To be more rejuvenated.
To be more rested.

To be more focused.
To be more powerful.

To be more expansive.
To be more creative.

To be more loving.
To be more joyous.

To be more passionate.
To be more purposeful.

To be more YOU.

Here’s to Tipping in the direction of your happiest, healthiest, and most extraordinary life!

You deserve it!


If this message resonates with you please share a comment below. If you think it may help someone you know, please feel free to share this!


I Resolve to Create Crazy Goodness, to Screw Logic, and to Be Amazed

Honestly, “resolution talk” bores me.  So how about we just dig into some powerful stuff that creates crazy goodness in your life.

What I love is you can start a “new year” any day you want, any minute you want. Anytime you find yourself wanting to kick things up a bit and bring some great things your way, you can follow this process.

Here is some Crazy Goodness Homework: 

Exercise 1    Your Year in Review

  1. Take 20-30 minutes.  Think about the past year…work, business, family, relationships, health, fitness, finance, travel, adventure, learning…cover any and all areas that are significant in your life.
  2. If you had a list of goals, resolutions, or journal entry from last year bring it out.  Maybe you just have mental notes and remember what you wanted for the year.  Evaluate.  Where were you then? Where are you now? What went well?  What didn’t?
  3. Now write down everything you can think of that you accomplished, did well, experienced, and  learned from. We tend to forget how much we REALLY did do.  Acknowledge it. Honor it. Celebrate it. Cause you’re pretty awesome!
  4. Now write down what you absolutely want less of and what you absolutely want more of.
  5. Give thanks.  Seriously.  Say a prayer, a blessing, or just speak some words of gratitude.  There is extraordinary power in pausing, breathing, acknowledging, and giving gratitude. This is closure for what was and a welcoming in of the crazy goodness to come.

Exercise 2   Pick a Word or Theme

  1.  What resonates with you most strongly?  How are you feeling right now?  What do you most desire to feel?  Does a word or phrase pop to mind?  And know this, it may not even make sense to you right now.  It doesn’t have to.  But it does typically feel strong, right, and good.
  2. For some of you it might be a single word, for others it might be a phrase.  For me it’s usually a couple of words that become like a mantra.  In 2012, mine was “Simplify Life, Magnify Living”. And holy cow it was powerful.  And it grew and deepened as the year unfolded in ways I could never have planned or scripted.

Chances are if you think about the upcoming year in terms of your word or your theme, instead of a bullet point list of things you think you should be doing, it actually keeps you moving forward with endless possibilities, a greater sense of fulfillment, and honestly, it’s just a lot more “right on” to guiding you to your best self, your best life.

For example, those folks who might normally write “go to the gym everyday” as a resolution might dig deeper and choose a word or theme like: Confidence, Energy, or Radiant Vitality.

 3. Write down your word or theme.  Writing it down is powerful.  It’s like calling in a million awesome ways this could play out.

Exercise 3   The List

  1. The list is there to start you on the journey with some action steps.  Write specific things that you know right now would move you in the direction of or support your word or theme. Shoot for 10-20 things.
  2. Do not shoot for perfection.   The goal is to continually move toward the direction of your theme, your desired goal and feeling.
  3. Do write things that seem out of reach.  These are the things you really want, but don’t see any way they could actually happen.  Screw logic and rational thought.  And prepare to be amazed.

One thing I had on my 2012 list was to sell my vacation home in St. Pete, FL.  My year was pretty busy with other “Simplifying Life, Magnifying Living” tasks, so this one kind of fell under the radar screen.  I pulled my list out on December  1, and was like, “hmmm, yeah not likely to get that one done”.  My logical side was kicking in, and saying things like, “By the time you find a realtor and list it, you’ll only have a two week window to find a buyer before the house is completely booked with guests until April”.  I decided to screw logic and realistic planning and put into action the things I could and leave the details to the Universe.   I listed it and got an offer in one week.   This stuff actually happens a lot to me.  Logic and being “realistic” has its place to keep us from dying, but serves us very little after that point.  Remember that.  It’s an important component of a “crazy good” life.

Exercise 4    What Now?

  1. Post this baby (your word or theme) where you will see it every day.  You want to see it, read it, feel it, and let it run through your mind often.
  2. You’ll want to be aware of your list and start doing some of the things.  Pick a couple at a time and get into some action.  Some things you’ll do easily.  Others will drop away.  And others will simply be doors to the real magic.
  3. The coolest thing is whenever you are faced with a question, an opportunity, or a decision to make, you can simply ask, “does this support my word or theme or take me further from it”?

 Think of your word or theme as your guidepost for this year.  It’s what your soul most desires at this time.  It is there to ground you, guide you, and to stir up some crazy goodness in the Universe.

Do you already know your word or theme?  Feel free to share.  We can all give it some collective love and mojo.  If you’ve never done this before, I would love for some folks to take this on as an experiment and report back at year’s end.

 With love & crazy goodness!

Two Unconventional Things You Can Start Doing Today to Get Your Life on Track

This is the number 1 question I’ve gotten in the last decade.

What is the secret to my success? 

Most people want to know how I know what I know, especially in business. Did I get it from my parents? Nope. My Dad was a blue collar worker and my Mom a stay at home mom. Do I have a business degree? Nope. I have a B.S. in Psychology which typically gets you a nice job waiting tables (which I did for 8 years!).

But at age 26, I jumped into entrepreneurship, opening three fitness centers in three years. I then bought an existing company and invested in real estate. By my early 30s, I was a millionaire (which was really strange for me to get my head around). To be clear, I was not earning a million, but I had established a nice 6 figure income and had built up assets in business and homes that reached over 1 million.

I also had some pretty significant accomplishments by most peoples standards outside of business. I completed marathons, competed and placed high in triathlons, and running events. I raced in a 36 hour long Adventure Race (biking, running, paddling, navigating carrying all food/water and no sleep!). 

I bought  my second dream home in 2008 and started two new companies all while  raising a young daughter as a single chic-a-dee.

Some folks see me as highly driven. But I’m actually pretty laid back, and I’m motivated entirely by freedom. Freedom to ride my bike, eat good food, read lots of books, and catch some great movies. I love being at home and tend to be quite an introvert.

So even though I’m pretty laid back, I seem to have harnessed some mighty power that has led to some pretty great successes. I have observed that I often experience, expand, risk, and accomplish more in one year than most do in a decade or heck, even their entire lives.

I continually get asked:  How do you do it?

What I’m not laid back about is sharing with others how I can help them get what they want. I’m passionate about that. And the awesome part is that anyone can begin using this stuff right now.

So what’s my secret?

The foundation of all my successes and accomplishments is built  from understanding and working two things.

 #1  I Ask One Question Every Morning. I ask myself (every single day) is this what I want? I mean, I literally wake up and think about my day and if I am not excited to jump out of bed and get going then something isn’t working. And I don’t ACCEPT that. I say, “OK, what’s going on here? What is it about today, I don’t like? What in my life isn’t working? What do I need to do to change?” And I get busy on that. Immediately.

Sometimes I don’t have the answers. I don’t’ know what to do, so I get busy with the search and continually reflect and ask myself questions until I know what the next step is.

I know I’m the creator of my life. Once you create the life you love, it’s easy to tweak here and there and stay on course, so even as life changes and grows, you still wake up with, “Awesome, I love my life.” Or you might just need to dig into one area and course correct.

And yes, if you haven’t asked this question in a long time, you might have A LOT to change. That’s OK, get busy. Pick one area and get going. It’s up to you my friend.

Know what makes you happy. Know what brings you a fulfilling life. Do the work. Check in with yourself every single day.


#2  I THINK and LIVE outside of conventionality. Since I was a kid, I have never blindly believed or adopted what my parents (sorry Mom & Dad!) or teachers shared with me or taught. I have never bought into the standards and norms of society. I have never played by anyone else’s rules. Now in my 40s, I still don’t. Living MY TRUTH is the only operating system I use.

Are you creating your own life or living one designed by society?

So how can you begin to use these two principles to accomplish ANYTHING you want?

First, learn to listen to your gut, your internal GPS (this is Divine Guidance or what I call your Inner Spark). We all have it although it may be buried under a lot of shoulds, expectations, and old programming.

To turn on your GPS you must slow down, become aware, tune in, ask the tough questions, listen, and feel. What is it that you really really want? What’s coming up for you? Remember true lasting success is about happiness and fulfillment. It is not about chasing THE dream life, but about building YOUR dream life. Understand the difference. You have the only blueprint that matters.

Second, trust yourself. Stop asking for permission and approval. Stop expecting other people to get you or understand your dreams. Stop collecting votes for the go ahead. You’ll never have enough. You only need one vote…yours.

Get that to be truly successful, you DON’T want to follow the majority or the masses. At least not at this time in history, unless you view the majority as thriving, happy, healthy, and jumping out of their beds each day for another day of passion filled living! If that is what you see out there, then by all means follow. But if that isn’t what you see, know your path isn’t “out there” — it is inside of you. You have all the answers for you IN you. Trust.

Don’t buy into the illusion of security. Good grades, good job, benefits, playing it safe.

Look in, then step out.

The riskiest thing we can do is not live the life we were MEANT to live. So THINK about what you really REALLY want. Spark your passions. Create your own masterpiece. Live your purpose.

That is Success.


With SPARK (Spirit, Passion, Adventure, & Rule Breaking Knowledge),


The Shocking Thing I Said Last Night

Last night, as I was getting ready to wrap up the day, the 4th of July that is…and head to bed, I said the following to my best friend.  “Whew, what a day. What a weekend. I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow.”  My friend looked at me like I was out of my mind (I get that a lot) and said, “You know you are probably about the only person in the world who feels that way.”  Well, I know I’m not the only person, but I do know I’m in the minority. And I’m on a mission to change that!

Listen, I’m all for weekends, holidays, & vacations, but I’m even more for loving every single day!

(If you don’t have a lot of time, make sure you hit the Top Ten List below for some life changing tips!)

First, let me just clarify what I mean by that dirty little word “work.”  My definition of work is time when I am free to engage in my passions with lots of action & creativitiy with the intention of providing or being a part of a great service, product, or transformation. And in return I receive one if not all of the following: joy, meaning, and income.

Yeah, seriously, that’s how “work” is supposed to be.  Here’s my dream…bare with me…it gets even more ridiculous.

I dream of a time when we define our days as “passion days” and “rejuvenation days.” Yep, still serious.  Passion days are the days when we are immersed in meaning, growth, productivity, purpose, and are actively engaged in activity that generates cash flow, service, and creativity. And rejuvenation days are when we intentionally set slower paces, rest more, sleep more, take a break from goals and achieving, meditate more, do yoga, read, run, bike or whatever activity or inactivity that is calming, restful and refuels our spirit.

Ok, so yeah…we might not ever get around to the lingo of asking someone at the water cooler, “so how was your rejuvenation?”  or saying “have a good day with your passions”…. but I think it’s possible and it’s time for many more people to move away from  viewing work as a “grind” or time that must be put in just to pay the bills. It’s time to release the “rat race and living for the weekend” kind of mentality and way of  living.  Life is too short folks. And guess what else…life is meant to be easy and fun. Not just for a few select, but for you, for me, for all of us.

I recently came across something very sad to me. My Dad retired (a word I think needs to be “retired” but that’s another note!) last week at the age of 64. One of the well-meaning cards he received read, “Congratulations. Now your life is really your own.”  Yikes! I mean really!?  Should we be  giving “congratulations” to someone who gets to start living the life they want at 64. Better late than never I guess. But, do we have to wait until “later” to start living the way we really want? Don’t spend too much time on that question. Here’s the answer, “NO, we don’t!”  Maybe it’s just me, but that feels like a mighty high price to pay.

This is your life. If you want it to be different, it is up to you!.  No one is going to come along and drop your dream life in your lap. You’ve got to make a decision and go for it!

It is my mission and passion to help others create a life that freaking rocks!

So here is a TOP TEN list to get you started thinking in that direction. Warning: If you choose to really engage these principles…watch out…your life will get EXCEEDINGLY more fun!  

Here goes…

1) If you are living for the weekends or for some other time in the future, it’s time to STOP, reevaluate, and make a change. Yes, now!  Like freaking right now!

2) If you’ve never had anyone say to you, “You’re out of your mind!” then you might want to step up your game a bit.

3)  The more people that don’t “get you” the better you should feel.  You are getting so close my friend! A completely authentic, passion filled, fun, exciting life is right at your finger tips!  Woo-hoo!

4) Learn to embrace the ridiculous…the unbelievable…the silly…it’s where GREATNESS is born.

5) Go for it. Just go. The time will never be right. You will never have enough money. You will never be ready. Just LEAP.

6)  Catch yourself every time you hear yourself begin to say, “I can’t” and instead say “I choose…”

7) Delete “I’d love to, BUT….” from your vocabulary.

8)  Think less. Feel more.

9)  Be YOU.

10) Say “I love….” a lot more often!!!!  I love reading!  I love biking! I love those mountains!  I love a blue sky! I love this day! I love my body!  I love the smell of rain!  Give more love, feel more love…it has the highest vibration and is the most powerful way to manifest the life of your dreams!

Here’s to freedom, adventure, passion, love, and living a life that makes you want to jump out of bed every day! A life that is all your own!

Spark It!