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Simplify Life, Magnify Living

Well…by far the #1 Question I received in 2012, after selling my three fitness centers was: What are you going to do now? The first answer that always popped into my head (but was rarely shared) was “recovering my sanity.” Yep, that’s what I was up to… sanity recovery.  I was President and CEO.  I […]

Why I’m Against Exercise (And I Owned Health Clubs for 14 Years!)

Spark It! Note  Exercise…Exercise…Exercise… When I hear the words exercise, workout, training…I just want to y-a-w-n.  Puts me to freaking asleep. I don’t find the conversation or the practice of those things very stimulating or fun.   And yet people think I exercise all the time.  I’m complimented for it, even admired for it and looked […]

The Shocking Thing I Said Last Night

Last night, as I was getting ready to wrap up the day, the 4th of July that is…and head to bed, I said the following to my best friend.  “Whew, what a day. What a weekend. I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow.”  My friend looked at me like I was out of […]