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Celebrations and Digging Deep in Nature and in Life

So it’s my Birthday and I usually like to do something epic. I don’t know why, but I love stretching myself completely in some sort of challenging endurance excursion on my B-Day. I guess I feel it’s a way I can honor, give gratitude, celebrate and feel being fully alive. Some people eat cake, I […]

Who Are You Listening To?

Question: Who or what should you listen to and what should you trust? Here’s the deal. You desire things that other people don’t. Period.  Sometimes when you ask people what they want, they often say “a million dollars in the bank” or more money. But if you dig deeper it’s actually much much more that […]

The question I get often + how to follow your dreams.

The Question….. I’ve been asked this question 3 times in the last several weeks and many times throughout my life. Wait, it’s not really a question, it’s more of a statement with a chuckle.  It goes like this: I’m in a conversation (it can be about various things) and the person stops and says, “Soooo […]

Man, This One Question Stumps Me Every Summer!

And it is a perfectly normal summertime question! But it drives me nuts.  I hate when someone asks me a question and my response is, “um…well…yeah…I guess…I mean… I’m sure I will….ummm…” Really? Come on Hollie, get it together. Make up the answer. Script it.  Craft an elevator speech for it. Or for the love […]

How to Change Your Life this Summer…

Do you think change, going after big goals,or transforming your life has to take a lot of time? The truth…all those things are way less about time and way more about focus and momentum. And guts. You must have the courage to take the first step.  The courage to decide. To decide YOU are worth […]

How to Recognize “Duds” in Your Life!

Over the weekend we had a pretty lengthy firework show from our neighbors. It included some pretty cool explosions of sparkle, and it also included quite a few duds. I just like that word:  Dud I like this definition too: something which is useless, does not work etc. And, I started thinking…do I have any […]

Want to change your life? Do you do this one thing?

NVST N U – Solve this license plate and you’ll solve the pathway to exponential growth + success in every area of life.  So this was my tag from 1999 – present. I’m getting ready to retire it and move on to a new tag that represents what I’m digging now in life.  Hint: this […]