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My daughter wants a dog. Bad. Like real bad. Like keeping her up late at night bad. I do not want a dog. We have 2 cats. And I have my 10 year old Taylor. I have never in my life had a desire to have things that count on me for food and water. […]

Is it YOUR time to love your life? All of it?

So I was at an appointment Monday with my dermatologist. She asked me how my day was. I thought about it and said, “Actually, really fast.” She said, “OH THAT’S GREAT! Don’t you love when they fly by? You know how sometimes you look at the clock, and are like…oh my gosh, ONLY 2:30?!” Me: […]

What it Means to Live an EPIC Life.

The Essence of EPIC + The Essence of YOU. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this whole business of EPIC. It’s important because understanding the full meaning has the power to change your life. First, I admit, “epic” is a word that feels a bit overused these days. I certainly do more than my fair […]

Stop The Madness!

  “Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. Then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present: the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to […]

Chart Your Own Course (Machetes Optional)

   “Successful people believe in the validity of their own dreams and goals,even if dreams are all they have to go on.” ~ Denis Waitley I so believe that quote. My entire life, I have been a rebel. I have thought differently. I have acted differently. My thoughts, ideas, and dreams haven’t been mainstream. Much […]

Nourishing Your Soul: What are you craving?

Off The Beaten Path So I’m getting ready to head out on a 2 day mountain biking adventure off the beaten path. Other than my riding partner, I won’t see another soul the entire time. We’ll be doing a remote camp under the stars tonight. And to be honest with you I thought my camping […]

Spark Note: How To Feel Better

When you are not living your passions or your purpose you will at best feel bored, restless, and be in continual search for MORE… If the gap deepens between your purpose and your current reality you may feel anger, bitterness, resentment, and/or depression. At its worst, it can often look like addictions or chronic illness. […]

Are You Playing Your A Game or Your B Game?

Or heck, are you even in the game? My guess is many of you are B-gaming it. I know, I B-gamed it for years. There’s a good chance you might be B-gaming it and you may not even be fully aware of it. Me? I was aware. For y-e-a-r-s I was painfully aware. The B […]

Vacations Don’t Fire Me UP. This Does!

I’m a little fired up. I just finished creating my “2014 Summer Adventure List” — Everybody does this right? And in just a few hours I’m heading out on a 120 mile bike excursion. Staying overnight in a little town I love, eating great food, drinking great drinks, and enjoying gorgeous scenery via the Blue […]

Strategic Retreat: What is it? And Why I Took One.

  Strategic Retreat + My “not so new,” but new business. I’ve been in a period of what I call “strategic retreat”… a time of going inside my head, heart, and soul more. I should say, “more than unusual” because I do hang out in those places a lot. Usually though when I’m in my […]