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Birthday Note: My Love Affair with the Number 4 and how it gets me in TROUBLE | Hollie Flynn

Birthday Note: My Love Affair with the Number 4 and how it gets me in TROUBLE

My love affair with the number 4 and how it gets me in TROUBLE. (Not much different from my real love affairs, but that’s another note.)

I LOVE the number 4.  Oooohhhh, and 8.  And to see 4 and 8 next to each other. Wowzer!  Does something to me. Crazy, I know.

Like my personal email is hflynn448.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

My Birthday is 8-26-71.  Add the numbers and you have 8-8-8 (what does that mean astrologers?)

Most of the time when I look at my watch it happens to be 4:48.  Makes me oh-so-happy.

Today is my 40th Birthday!  As you can imagine, entering the decade of the “4” has me over the top excited! This will be a powerful decade for sure.

Oh, and my gal pals….you know how I drool over each new arrival of the Athleta catalog?  Yep, this time I did more than drool. I mean, it is my Birthday after all.  I had to place an order and I had to stick with the “4” theme.  Well, even with the great sales, $40 just wouldn’t do it. So, I had to bump it to the next “4 category”…and purchase $464 of awesome girly clothes and accessories. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?  My Grandma would be proud.

Right now, I’m planning my epic outdoor challenge for the day. Yep, it must come in at 40 miles. Road biking 40 miles isn’t epic enough unless the elevation is crazy. I wish I could run a 40 mile ultra today, but my training isn’t there. So back to the bike. I could mountain bike 40 miles…with the right terrain and elevation this would be mighty challenging. Or I could run 20 miles and bike 20 miles. It must be so challenging I’ll think about losing my lunch at least 4 times!  I wish I could let the 4 theme go on this one…and just ride or run whatever…but I am obsessed with nailing a powerful “4” figure and challenge in some way. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

My favorite 4 things….biking, running, food, and LIVING my passions….sometimes they are easy, sometimes they are just plain yummy, sometimes they inspire others, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they are really hard, but they are always mine.

So, here’s to celebrating our passions & our quirks!  And here’s to celebrating the act of celebrating!

And mostly, here’s to YOU. This is what I celebrate the most. Friends, family, love & laughter (4 things! Imagine that!)…those are what Birthdays & celebrations are all about. What life is all about.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you for being in my life!

With love, gratitude, birthday cake, and blessings!



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