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About YOU | Hollie Flynn

About YOU

are you ready to live your own EPIC life?shareasimage

You’re purpose driven. A rebel with a cause. A non-conformist. You’re probably an Entrepreneur,  Executive, Athlete,  bold Creative , or a Coach or Consultant. Or a misunderstood young person (or adult!). You’ve got a drive to be self expressed and engaged in life. You crave aliveness, adventure, and making a difference. You want to be in the game. Heck, it’s likely you want to change the game.

This pull…it’s bigger than you. It is exciting and frustrating at the same time. You know deep down you are meant for more, you are more. You are being called to bust limits (mainly your own) and step into your highest potential and most extraordinary life.

You know this is in you, if you could only get clear on your purpose, passions, and learn to say YES! only to things that are aligned with your most extraordinary mission and life.

Goals|Challenges ::  You like them. You seek them. You push hard. You’re motivated. You’re competitive (mostly with yourself!).

Personal Development :: You are always seeking to learn, to grow, to improve, to succeed, to go to the next level in work, business, on the race course, in relationships… in life.

Values :: You are a person of great integrity and depth. You value your health,  your time, and your relationships. You value freedom, living your passions,  meaningful pursuits, and realizing your highest potential.

Livelihood:  Whether an entrepreneur, a want-to-be entrepreneur, creative, or searching for the right career or project, one thing is for sure…what you put out into this world is very important to you. You crave meaning, alignment, and freedom.

YOU:  You are fiercely independent and creative…and let’s just admit it…pretty damn smart. You’ve reached a point in life where you’ve become keenly (and often painfully) aware that you are different and don’t want to settle in any area of life.  You want MORE. You want EPIC.  A life that is Extraordinary, Passion-filled, Inspiring, and Completely aligned (& completely YOU)!

 And…it’s your time.